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Below is a really great article from CBC’s Radio – The Current. Photo: (Nerthuz/Shutterstock) Daniel Levitin’s new book exmaines how to maintain your cognitive health at age 20 or 80 Levitin says it’s more important to think about ‘health span — the length of time a person is healthy for — than lifespan. As a … Read More

Seniors and Sleep: How Much Sleep Do Older Adults Need? Many things change as we get older. Something that we don’t necessarily expect to change is how we sleep. In fact, 46% of adults 65 and older have trouble falling asleep and sleeping well through the night on a regular basis. Adults over the age of … Read More

Pneumonia in Seniors: Causes, Treatments, and Prevention As we age, our body’s natural defenses become less reliable. As a result, seniors are more susceptible to infection – including pneumonia. Pneumonia is an infection that affects one or both lungs and can range from mild to severe. For some, pneumonia can be fatal. It is typically … Read More

Senior Care Activities for All Seasons At any age, our health and wellbeing are enhanced by regularly participating in the events and activities that bring purpose, hope and joy. For seniors, taking part in these activities can be more difficult, but it’s also more important to find a way to participate as we get older. … Read More

What Seniors Can Do to Protect Themselves from Foodborne Illness   A Growing Problem It seems that there is a new recall on produce, poultry, dairy, or fish almost every week – not to mention reports of illness or hospitalization from contaminated food in restaurants. The threat of bacteria and parasites contaminating our food remains … Read More

Communication in the home care setting is one of the most effective tools for achieving the desired results. Too often, miscommunication leads to further complications in either a hospital setting or in the home. Health care in the hospital can be very confusing for senior patients that are not adequately prepared for their visit. Having … Read More

Diabetes is a condition that prevents someone’s body from properly processing sugars, leading to elevated blood sugar levels and negative health effects as a result. While diabetes has its own signs and symptoms, it can also make other conditions worse – conditions like heart and kidney disease. Having diabetes almost doubles someone’s chance of having … Read More

Staying hydrated is important for maintaining health and keeping critical bodily functions working properly. This can be a challenge for some seniors because of changes that happen with age. Seniors may have a diminished ability to sense thirst, notice changes in body temperature and may be taking medications that have a dehydrating effect. Being dehydrated … Read More

PTSD develops in approximately 1 in 3 people who go through serious trauma. This can include anything from the death of a loved one, military combat, car accidents, illness or injury, natural disasters, a disease diagnosis or other events that may have significant physical or psychological impact. It’s estimated that 70-90% of people over the … Read More

Home Care: If you or an aging loved one could benefit from some in-home care to assist with daily tasks and activities, then you may be in the midst of sorting through possible options. For seniors that want to remain in their own home instead of moving to an assisted living community, there are two … Read More

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