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5 Signs It’s Time for Senior Care

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5 Signs It’s Time For Senior Care In Prince George, BC

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While your aging loved one may be able to live freely at home and take adequate care of themselves for the time being, a decline in physical and mental faculties may require some form of aid and support in the future.

When this occurs, one of the finest solutions you can devise is to collaborate with a professional senior care service that can provide quality, individualized senior care while allowing your Mom or Dad to remain safely and comfortably in their own home and on their own terms.

But how can you know when it’s time to make additional care arrangements? Here are five frequent signals that it may be time to look for a dependable care helper for your parent:


  • Even younger persons can be forgetful at times, but persistent, chronic forgetfulness in the elderly frequently indicates an underlying cognitive impairment or progressive sickness. If you see Mom or Dad regularly misplacing objects, forgetting names or dates of significant events, or is generally confused most of the time, speak with a physician for an accurate diagnosis and begin looking for expert in-home care.

Mobility Issues

  • Diminished mobility is often one of the first signs that your Mom or Dad might benefit from the help of a trained professional.

Poor Eating Habits or Malnutrition

  • Another red flag is when elders struggle to maintain healthy eating habits. Some people may have a chronic ailment that has made it difficult for them to make nutritious meals like they used to. Some seniors may simply be experiencing a loss of appetite. If you find your parent isn’t eating healthily enough for whatever reason, hiring a caregiver who can plan and prepare nutritious, well-balanced meals can be a terrific answer.

Accidents and Falls

  • Minor mishaps and falls can be disastrous in someone’s older years. If your parent recently fell or forgot to turn off the oven, don’t wait until they suffer a major, life-changing accident; instead, choose a dependable caregiver who can restore safety in Mom or Dad’s house.

Personal Care Issues

  • When you see your loved one is unable or unwilling to accomplish simple homemaking activities or maintain good hygiene, this is one of the first signals that their general health is deteriorating. These concerns, however, are easily handled with the assistance of a care expert qualified to assist with personal care and housekeeping duties.

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