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Transportation Services for Seniors

Uncategorized  |  December 15, 2021

Elder Care Services for Transportation Assistance in Greater Guelph, ON

Our elder care services in Guelph, ON, and the surrounding area can help your loved ones who cannot drive themselves with transportation services.

Because you were nervous, I’m sure you felt butterflies in your stomach minutes before your driving test. You were worried because you knew that passing your test would bring you a level of freedom you had never known. Even as you become older, that sense of self-sufficiency remains with you. While there are certain benefits to growing older, it also comes with vision loss, decreased range of motion, and limb pain. These worries sometimes lead seniors to drive for safety reasons, but we’re here to inform you that you don’t have to give up driving right away, and if you do, our elder care transportation services can help. If there are changes to your seniors’ routine, your seniors should be able to drive for as long as possible. We’ve made a list of suggestions to help your seniors keep their driving privileges.

Maintain an active lifestyle: Regular exercise can help you build overall strength and flexibility. These two abilities will help you steer and turn your head to analyze traffic as you gain experience with them.

Examine Your Eyes: Your eyes are one of the most critical driving components, and you should have them examined at least once a year. The eye doctor will assess if you need new lenses or glasses, making a big difference.

Schedule a hearing evaluation: Hearing, like vision, is an essential driving factor that is often disregarded. Having your hearing checked to see if you need hearing aids will considerably improve your driving.

Adjust as necessary: Buying a new car may help you improve your driving abilities. New vehicles come with a slew of convenience features. Backup cameras, blind spot sensors, power windows and locks, and many other options are included.

Make preparations in advance: You can avoid traveling during peak hours or at night by planning ahead of time. Driving at particular times might be dangerous, so planning ahead of time can save you time.

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