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Is Covid-19 Over? Has the Pandemic Ended?

Covid-19  |  June 22, 2021

3 minute read

With many of the world’s lockdowns being lifted, many are left wondering if Covid-19 (Corona) has ended. No. Regrettably, it has not ended – not by a long shot. We can pretend as much as we want to that it has, but it’s here to stay. And here are 7 reasons why:

The vaccines have not been tested long-term on humans.

1. The vaccines have not been tested long-term on humans.

And so, with such an innovation comes the prospect of uncertain long-term effects, not to mention the question of effectiveness. But, as we scramble to find some solution, as a species we are taking a leap of faith into the unknown.

2. Vaccine not provisioned yet/not administered as per manufacturer’s directions.

Moreover, many people around the world still find themselves waiting for the vaccine. On the other hand, of those who have received it, many must now wait 4-5 times longer than the manufacturer recommends for a follow-up second dose! In other words, one should strike while the iron is hot.

Vaccine not provisioned yet

3. We can still fall ill after being vaccinated.

The reality is some people do contract Covid after their vaccination. Although it’s a low rate, on a global scale it does add up; and ultimately, I’m certain that none of us want to become a part of that statistic.

The vaccines have not been tested long-term on humans.

4. Variations/mutations are a reality.

Equally important, these changes continue to appear – some become more resistant, more contagious, more lethal. Covid has time, it has energy, and it has access to the library of our genetic pool. In this manner, it is studying us just as hard as we are studying it in this mutually destructive struggle for survival.

5. Exposure is a prevalent concern.

Many of the world’s most vulnerable denizens – the impoverished, displaced, refugees, and others – are unable to respect the gravity of this Covid-19 pandemic, thereby inherently endangering themselves and others in the process; for them, exposure is often a characteristic of their living conditions and/or the only means of survival. In contrast, the opposite holds true for many who are well-off; for some, it is a matter of expedience, and they culpably flaunt Covid protocols because being cavalier with public health is just so gosh-darn convenient (and it usually goes unpunished).

6. This is the age of pandemics.

Furthermore, we have had dozens of regional as well as worldwide pandemics over the last few decades and more will inevitably follow. This is a reality of life in a high-tech, globalized world; disease, after all, now transmits almost as quickly as data does.

7.Many governments failed to act quickly; some even set us up to fail.

Whether that was the result of a lack of capacity, lack of funding, lack of autonomy, or the direct interference of political leadership, we have seen grave errors and the mass casualties that have ensued.

The vaccines have not been tested long-term on humans.

All things considered, today we still find ourselves caught in the eye of the storm. The risk is still high. It may be best to stay at home, socially distance, and stay healthy. If you believe in a higher power, then pray. Nature, it seems, happens to be exploiting our collective weaknesses against the interest of our entire species. Although we cannot control society nor check its shortcomings, we can control our individual actions, set a positive example for others to follow, and advocate on behalf of the changes that we want to see in the world.

Dahlia Joseph is an experienced nurse and private health care coordinator at Comfort Keepers in Ontario, Canada.


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