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Providing top-rated elderly care for aging adults in Nepean and surrounding areas

Being a part of Ottawa, Nepean is a home to about 180, 000 people. This lovely town offers many interesting things to its residents, including Riverfront Park and Nepean Museum. There are many parks and natural attractions near this town, making it a great place for people who want to enjoy their golden years with their friends and family. Comfort Keepers serves this area to enable seniors to stay in their own home, and do their rituals and hobbies in a town where their heart is.


Aging adults who have lived here for all or most of their lifetime, look forward to enjoying the rest of their lives in the city. Sometimes, challenges present themselves that make it difficult for seniors to remain in the comfort of their own home. If your aging loved one finds it more and more challenging to carry out everyday chores on their own. This is where our elderly care services make the biggest difference in the lives of seniors and their families.


It is hard for anyone to admit that they have a trouble taking care or accomplishing personal tasks that they once took care of without a problem. Many feel that this is a sign that they can no longer function independently and may pose a burden on their family. Chores such as sweeping, dusting, cleaning floors, and similar tasks may now seem overwhelming. Our elderly care packages offer these and other services to make life for seniors much more accommodating and easy from day-to-day. Our caregivers have experience and are committed to providing an extensive list of services that allow seniors to remain in their home instead of a nursing home or assisted care facility.


Elderly Care Services Gets Seniors Up and Going

Our services provide more than elderly care inside the home. We understand the importance of engaging seniors in daily activities and keeping their appointments. If your aging loved one no longer drives or you have found that it is best for them to be accompanied by a caring adult when out and about, Comfort Keepers provided transportation services around the area to keep them engaged and active. Grocery store, medical appointments, social engagements and more are a few of the places we ensure your senior can go when needed.


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