Part Time Respite Care Services in Ottawa, ON

Find out how respite care can help you rest & refocus on providing attentive care for your loved one in Ottawa, ON

Providing care for a loved one can absolutely be a rewarding experience, as well as an opportunity to strengthen family relationships. However, serving as a sole caregiver can be a stressful, demanding responsibility, especially when it involves balancing raising children or working a full-time job. That is where Comfort Keepers’ respite care, sometimes referred to as “short break care”, can help.


If a family member or loved one is dependent upon you for care, then it is crucial that as a caregiver, you take time to care for yourself too.


No matter how much you love the people you are caring for, it’s essential that caregivers obtain regular breaks to ensure they have the energy and enthusiasm to provide the attentive care their senior loved one deserves. Also consider that although your loved one may no longer be a position to complete daily personal tasks like bathing, dressing or toileting, preparing meals or light housekeeping tasks independently, turning to a family member for help can weigh on their sense of dignity and self-esteem. Some seniors even feel like a burden to their family caregivers. By partnering with a leading home care agency for professional respite care services, both caregiver and care recipient can enjoy peace of mind knowing they are in capable hands.


Comfort Keepers of Ottawa ON provides professional in home care for seniors and adults who require assistance to temporarily relieve caregivers so they can attend to other matters such as:

  • Run errands

  • Spend time shopping

  • Meet with a support group

  • Read a new book

  • Make a dentist or doctor appointment

  • Enjoy much-deserved alone time


Respite care services provide caregivers an opportunity to leave home for a few hours with the peace of mind that comes with knowing their loved ones are in capable hands. With Comfort Keepers respite services, caregivers can schedule as much or as little time away as they need.


Arranging respite care is easy, whether you need a few hours a week to run errands or around-the-clock care so you can make it to an event out of town or take a well-deserved vacation.


Caregivers  – do not let continuous caregiving take a toll on your physical and emotional health. Learn more about how you and your senior loved one could benefit from in home care services, contact us or call (613) 820-1612.

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