How to Tell If Your Senior Loved One is Abusing Alcohol

Elderly man drinking liquor.

We all like having a glass or two of wine every now and again. However, that does not make us alcoholics, and alcohol use is not dangerous in moderation. Unfortunately, sometimes seniors, just like the rest of us, sometimes go overboard. If you are worried about the amount of alcohol your loved one consumes, Comfort Keepers can help.


The fact is that most older adults have already been diagnosed with one or more chronic illnesses. At the same time, they may generally be very weak and frail. Alcohol, on the other hand, can make chronic illnesses worse and create new ones, damaging your loved one’s internal organs in the process.


You love your senior parent and may not be wanting to come to terms with their potentially problematic drinking. Many children of senior parents console themselves in the fact that their parent has never been an alcoholic. However, the fact is that many individuals do not start drinking until later on in life when they reach the age of 65. This accounts for as many as 15% of alcoholics overall.


The following are a couple of facts about alcohol and seniors in particular:

  • An older adult’s body will take a longer time to process alcohol. This means that alcohol will stay in a senior’s bloodstream for much longer than it would in that of a younger person.
  • Generally speaking, older adults have a much lower tolerance.
  • Alcohol will hit a senior much more quickly.
  • Certain medications often taken by older adults should not be mixed with alcohol.


If your loved one experiences ill temperament, sleep difficulties, injuries, depression, anxiety, lack of appetite, financial problems, or poor hygiene, it may be time to bring up the issue. Here at Comfort Keepers, we can help. Our compassionate caregivers can provide your loved one with the companionship and support system necessary to begin having a healthier relationship with alcohol.


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