Interactive Caregiving Can Improve Your Loved One’s Quality Of Life

It is easy to get caught up in taking care of your parent’s physical needs. However, leading a healthy, fulfilled life depends on so many needs. Adopting our Interactive Caregiving approach can take taking care of your parent to a whole new level.


When your loved one ages and needs help with activities of everyday living, you spend every free moment making sure they have taken their medication, cleaning, cooking, paying their bills and maybe even managing their budget. However, it takes more than this to ensure your parent leads a fulfilled, happy, active and healthy life.


The fact is that people lead happier and healthier lives when they are socially active and contribute to the world around them. Comfort Keepers of Edmonton, AB, realizes this, and that is why we are proud of our Interactive Caregiving philosophy. We strive to stimulate our clients emotionally, mentally and socially, thus enhancing their overall quality of life. This philosophy can also be used within the family caregiving realm. Interactive Caregiving surpasses traditional caregiver-care receiver roles, resulting in enriching lives of both parties.


By practicing Interactive Caregiving philosophy you can help your loved one lead happier life feeling useful, loved and valued. All this helps them sustain a sense of purpose and encourages independence.


In order to have a more positive outlook on life, seniors need to be physically as well as mentally active. By encouraging your parent to have an active mind you promote their independence and help them lead happier and longer lives. On the other hand, physical activity helps them stay strong and delays the effects of aging. Proper diet gives them energy and a safe living environment prevents accidents.


Keep in mind that you should be involved in your parent’s physical activities as much as possible. This way you will cultivate the bond between you thus enriching both of your lives. Therefore, you can go for a walk or ride a bike with your loved one, play games, solve puzzles or just talk about the good old times. Not only will you encourage mental stimulation this way, but you will also make your parent feel more important, valued and loved. On the other hand, good eating habits, physical activity, and mental stimulation can benefit you as well.


If you would like to talk to one of our experts about our home care services and how our caregivers utilize our interactive caregiving approach, contact us today!


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