Maintaining Heart Health is Important for Seniors in Edmonton

We all know that the heart is one of our vital organs, so what can we do to take special care of the heart? Three lifestyle changes can be made, starting today, to better protect heart health. They are diet, exercise and stress reduction.


Beginning with diet and nutrition, there are specific foods that are important for heart health and can help with blood pressure and cholesterol problems when eaten regularly. Consider:

  • Coldwater fishes: Salmon, mackerel, and tuna
  • Eat nuts: Almonds, macadamia, and walnuts
  • Flavonoids: Red grapes, dark chocolate, green or black tea
  • Vegetables: Colorful veggies, like spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, and asparagus


How about exercise? 150 minutes of weekly exercise is beneficial for a healthy heart. Can you incorporate one or more of these exercises into your weekly schedule?

  1. Walk or hike – Available anytime and anywhere. You can make it more fun by walking with friends or family members and varying where you go.
  2. Swim – The buoyancy of water prevents pressure on joints, making swimming a great exercise for everyone.
  3. Bicycle – Whether indoors on a stationary bike or outside on a path, biking is another fun option for exercise and is easy on the joints.
  4. Practice Yoga – Yoga can include stretching, strengthening, and endurance, along with the benefit of breath work and relaxation.
  5. Strengthen – Building body strength also strengthens the heart muscles. Use hand weights or weightlifting machines to prevent the natural loss of muscle tissue that occurs with aging.


Help your heart with stress reduction techniques that lower blood pressure and reduce the likelihood of chronic illness or disease. Be sure to set priorities so your most important items have been accomplished by the end of each week, then don’t forget to schedule fun and relaxation time, too.

  1. Don’t deny yourself the things you love. What do you like to do? Work on a puzzle, read a book, walk your dog, call the grandkids, do some art, a craft, or a project. Be happier by enjoying activities that make you smile!
  2. Remain social. Invite a friend over, go to a community program at the library, or join a bridge group. Do something that gets you out of the house so you’re not sitting home alone.
  3. Enjoy laughter. A big laugh from your favorite movie or comedian can uplift you. Pursue new ways to laugh with friends for a big stress reduction!
  4. Try meditation. There are so many varieties of meditation available that you can try, as well as deep breathing techniques that help relax the body and diminish anxious feelings.


Comfort Keepers® understands what your heart needs. Our compassionate caregivers can help you or your loved one with diet and nutrition, exercise and stress reduction. Call us today to learn more!


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