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8 Unhealthy Habits to Kick in Retirement

Senior Tips  |  June 24, 2021

6 minute read

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important once you reach the age of retirement in particular. But, and I won’t lie to you, it can be difficult to quit these bad habits because you’ve held on to them for a long time, nurturing them like children, so being surrounded by them gives you the feeling of comfort. Just remember, though, that this comes at an irreversible cost. If you haven’t already avoided these habits like the plague, then we recommend you start right now. Kick those kids out!

Excessive smoking

Yes, smoking – the coolest thing since the advent of fire. Whether you fancy a cigarette, cigar, shisha (Hubbly bubbly), or vape, it’s on the list of notorious no-no’s. It’s no surprise that smoking can lead to high rates of morbidity and mortality. But what may surprise you is how difficult it may be to kick it entirely. Go ahead; I challenge you to try. But don’t go cold turkey; consult a pro in a white lab coat and use some modern technology to aid in that process. You’ll thank yourself for it later (Or your body will, at the least).

Excessive drinking

Of course you should have a sip of wine now and then – after all, wasn’t there a study that said it is good for your health. Wrong: it was actually a scandalously fake study. Sure, you can

Excessive drinking

remember your glory days, when you could drink to your heart’s content. But you’re not in your 20’s any longer, and your body tires easily now. The overconsumption of alcohol can lead to many health issues. As with all things, moderation is key. Enjoy it responsibly, and your mind and body will appreciate you more for it.

Technology addiction

Technology has become an important part of our lives. We rely on it almost too much nowadays. The problem is, it can become an addiction, especially now that you have the freedom to indulge in it. It can encourage a sedentary and even a solitary lifestyle, and that is a recipe for disaster.

Limit it! That’s the key. So, go ahead and watch your favourite shows, but try not to binge-watch them all over a 24 hour period. Kick yourself off the connection to kick this habit down a notch.

Skipping meals

Eating little is just as bad as eating a lot; you have to find a middle ground for that. Your body requires a nutritious meal plan that is eaten at regular intervals. So, if you are someone who has a habit of skipping your meals, well, the time is ripe for you to stop that practice.

Nutritionists help people of all ages and conditions with this, and so can your family doctor. Moreover, if you can’t cook, or just prefer to spend your time doing more meaningful things, then hire a caregiver. They can grocery shop for you, and even come by and cook healthy and potentially exotic meals a few times a week. Keep kicking!

Avoiding doctors

No one truly likes to sit in a doctor’s office; the tv plays the dullest programming, the magazines are as old as time, and the spartan décor is too sterile for sophisticated tastes. However, what you have to remember is that it is not a choice now – it is a requirement for good health.

We recommend that you go to your doctor for your monthly checkups, come hell or high water (Unless there truly is high water, in which case please listen to civil authorities for further instructions).

Avoiding socialization

Human beings are social animals; it’s engrained in us on some evolutionary scale. Just because you have retired doesn’t mean that you should stay at home and spend all of your time alone. Enjoying some time to yourself is therapeutic and highly recommended. Just don’t forget about the outside world.

Seniors who want to boost their mental health must make an effort to go out and connect with people. Call and visit family and friends every week, attend public events, and maintain your membership with various organizations in your community.

By doing this, what is the worst thing that can happen? You meet up with an acquaintance who may annoy you for an hour of your life. What is the best thing that can happen? You kick depression and dementia and find yourself happier and healthier than what you’d expected.

Resisting sleep

Sleep is a relaxing and therapeutic ritual. Setting an adequate and consistent sleeping schedule is crucial for your health. It helps to maintain every bodily function and promotes good health. So, make sure you are keeping track of your sleeping habits, and report any suspected concerns to your family doctor!


Retirement is supposed to be relaxing, but sometimes it can become too relaxing. Sedentary lifestyles are harmful to a person’s physical and mental wellbeing at any age – and this hold particularly true in the later years. Now, although you might not be able to tackle the Ironman Triathlon at this age, that shouldn’t stop you from taking a brisk walk through the neighborhood, lawn bowling at a local park, or cross-country skiing at a winter trail. I would also recommend tai chi, because it will help you literally kick away a bad habit. These habits are just a handful of pitfalls that befall those of us in the golden years (And, indeed, can even affect younger folk of all walks of life). Your retirement can be a happy and healthy one. All it takes is some small yet meaningful changes to create large gains.


Now, stop reading this article and go get kicking already.


Comfort Keepers Helps

Comfort Keepers senior care of Hamilton has been helping seniors lead healthy, active, and enjoyable lifestyles for over two decades in North America. We understand the challenges of the golden years, we know what our seniors are capable of achieving, and we offer companionship and care that helps empower seniors to sustain their autonomy, maintain good health, and enjoy their time in retirement.

Our trained caregivers can make your day-to-day life easier and help you make the most of your time, rendering it a relaxing and enjoyable experience. At Comfort Keepers Hamilton senior care, we can help you achieve your tasks so that you can focus on the things that matter. We help our clients find joy by elevating the human spirit.

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