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Activities for Seniors During Covid: A Guide for our Elders

Senior Tips  |  April 19, 2021

2 minute read

Covid happened – and it has been a trying time. But, so have a lot of other pandemics over the last 2 decades in particular, and more will inevitably follow. Just keep the faith, because we always prevail.

In the meanwhile, what are we to do? Seniors and retirees are at higher risk than others. And although we’ve proven that the sky isn’t the limit, we still have to play it safe.

So with that said here is a brief list of fun activities that keep us connected, stimulate the body and mind, and elevate the spirit!

  1. The Active Indoors
    • Become a collector: Start a new collection or complete an existing one
      • Examples: Books, coins, memorabilia, rocks/minerals/seashells, souvenirs, stamps, toys, trading cards
    • Create art: Carving, ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpting, woodcraft, etc.
    • Gaming: Backgammon, billiards, cards, checkers, chess, crosswords, dominoes, darts board, puzzles, Scrabble
    • Exercise: Engage in meditation, stretching, tai chi, yoga
    • Learn to cook some homely and/or exotic culinary dishes
    • Needlework: Crocheting, embroidery, knitting, sewing, quilting, etc.
    • Practice/learn an instrument: From the simple harmonica to the keyboard/piano
    • Read a book: Catch up on new releases or re-read a classic
    • Stay in touch: Call up friends, relatives, and acquaintances, and catch up on lost time
    • Video games: From Atari to Nintendo and beyond, relive the classics and test your skills
    • Write in a journal/diary, or write letters to friends and family


  1. The Dynamic Internet Cyberspace
    • Continuous learning: Watch a motivational speech; learn a skill or skilled trade; enroll in a course; and much more. Many are free, others for a low fee
    • Learn a language and its culture; prepare for your next travel abroad!
    • Gaming: Join a worldwide community for card games, chess, video games, and more for free or a low fee
    • Join a book club: Check your local libraries/community centers or Google for more leads
    • Video blog: Do you have a point of view you want to share? Maybe a skill or hobby, or you perform work and want to help others with best practices? Share it online!
    • Virtual tourism: See the world like never before from the comfort of your home on YouTube and other sites
    • Virtual visits: Connect with friends and communities through Facebook and social media, or schedule video Sunday dinners and daily chats with friends and loved ones
    • Watch a documentary, motivational speech, stand-up comedy, film, or tv show; listen to music from all over the world; learn/perfect a hobby or soft skill; discover DIY (Do It Yourself) tutorials, and so much more, all for free or a low fee
    • Write a blog/article and publish it online


  1. The Great Outdoors

Enjoy the setting sun, smell the spring in bloom, and surround yourself with natural beauty.

  • Fly a kite or play with a remote control toy (Boat, car, drone, plane)
  • Games: Bocce, croquet, horseshoe, lawn bowling, mini-putt
  • Garden art: Become a floriculturist or horticulturist
  • Hike or picnic in nature, so pack some food or BBQ
  • Go fishing: All it takes is a rod and a brisk walk to a local body of water
  • Photography
  • Swim at a nearby lake; go during a weekday to avoid large crowds
  • Walk around the block
  • Visit a local park
  • Volunteer: Support your community, and show the world what you are capable of

The world is yours to discover. Just remember to play it safe. Consult your doctor before engaging in physical activities, and remember to comply with health orders and social distancing conventions!

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