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Alcohol Intake in Seniors: A Delicate Balance

Uncategorized  |  June 12, 2020

It’s no secret that many of us can certainly enjoy having a cocktail with our friends, or the regular glass of wine with dinner. And for those seniors with the proper doctor’s approval, this certainly need not change. However, it’s very important to look at the ways that alcohol can impact the health of older adults, both physically and mentally, and how the resulting alcohol abuse can look different in elderly adults that are suffering the negative consequences.

As we get older:

  • The way we process alcohol changes – As we age, our metabolism slows down, meaning that alcohol remains in our bodies for a longer duration of time. Also, having less muscle mass means the same thing, and can prolong the effects of alcohol.
  • Intoxication feels different – It’s no surprise that seniors have a lower tolerance for alcohol, and this means that intoxication can come on a lot quicker than someone who is younger.
  • Elderly adults more often have conditions that are made worse by alcohol – Senior adults will more often than not have conditions that are amplified by alcohol use. And the medications they are prescribed often cannot be consumed with alcohol.

While some seniors, after consulting with their doctor, may find that they are able to safely consume alcohol without jeopardizing their health, others may find alcohol to cause them the following signs and symptoms:

  • Feelings of agitation when not drinking
  • Difficulties sleeping
  • Fighting depression or anxiety with drinking
  • Injuries as a result of intoxication
  • Social or financial difficulties arising from alcohol abuse
  • Drinking against the advice given by their doctor

There are many programs out there that are specifically targeted for senior adults abusing alcohol, and studies have shown that these programs are more effective when designed for specific age groups. If you believe that someone you know may have a drinking issue, you should encourage them to seek out help.

How Comfort Keepers Can Help

We know that it’s hard to stay connected to your loved ones when they are living far away, and this is why our caring team at Comfort Keepers is here to provide that help you need. Our trained caregivers can provide companionship and wellness support, help with meal preparation for your senior loved one, remind them to take their medication, provide transportation assistance, and so much more.

As part of our customized care plans, our caregivers can let a senior’s care team know if there are any changes to behavior or physical characteristics. Our ultimate goal is to be able to help our seniors find the joy and positivity in each day and to help them stay active at home and in their communities.

To find out more about our in-home care services, contact us today.

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