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Comfort Keepers provides award-winning in-home care for seniors and other adults in need of assistance with daily activities. Our highly trained and dedicated caregivers can help your loved one stay in their home for as long as safely possible—a dream come true for many elders.

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Uplifting In-Home Care Services for Seniors & Other Adults Right Where You Need It. Comfort Keepers Victoria, BC provides in home care services and senior care in the following cities in Victoria: Victoria



Comfort Keepers Care Testimonials

What Seniors and Their Families Are Saying About Comfort Keepers®

Read our testimonials and see what our clients are saying.  More and more seniors today want to continue living in the comfort of their own home as they age. Many have had this desire fulfilled beyond their expectations with the exceptional, compassionate in-home caregiving services of Comfort Keepers. Following are just a few examples of the comments we receive every day from satisfied seniors and their families.

“…Unfailingly Gracious and Patient…”

For the past year Comfort Keepers has provided social and relationship support for our 89-year-old father. After living for 64 years in the house he and our mother built in 1950, Dad was having difficulty adjusting to living in a senior home.

With the support of Comfort Keepers, his anxiety was quickly overcome, and he has been able to embrace the benefits and opportunities offered by his new home.

Although we were confident from the start that Comfort Keepers would work well with our father, we can say that they have exceeded our high expectations. They are our Dad’s ‘second family’ in his new home.

The Comfort Keepers staff have been unfailingly gracious and patient in engaging with our father. They have been creative in identifying ways to have him engage in a variety of social activities that he enjoys. He is very comfortable with the Comfort Keepers staff and looks forward to spending time with them.

Along with providing social support, the staff has willingly and sensitively provided assistance with personal care issues that have arisen from time to time.

In addition to the times when workers are scheduled to provide assistance, Brecon Gage will often “check in” with our father when Brecon is visiting the residence. We appreciate this extra commitment.

Comfort Keepers has consistently provided updates and feedback to our family, which have been very helpful. They have been very attentive to our father’s needs, and proactive in suggesting changes and enhancements to their service when issues arise. For instance, we started with service in the mornings. After a few months, Comfort Keepers, together with management of the residence, identified that Dad’s safety and quality of life would be enhanced with support in the afternoon. Implementing this enhancement has been very positive.

The staff has been flexible in accommodating occasional changes to the schedule, for instance when a family member is available during times normally covered by Comfort Keepers.

We would not hesitate to recommend Comfort Keepers to friends who are looking for quality, compassionate seniors care for a family member.

Based on our experience, we heartily recommend Brecon Gage and his trustworthy Comfort Keepers team.

Comfort Keepers Client

“…Outstanding Care Company…”

This company was recommended to me by three other contacts that I have in Victoria. (Physician, Pharmacist and also a caregiver from another company).

I was looking for a company that would provide 24 hr care in a senior’s own private home, as the senior that I had been looking out for could not return home from the hospital without adequate care in place. Previously we had two other care companies, but they just did not provide the care nor attention that we had been seeking.

Comfort Keepers came to Anne’s home and have been absolutely amazing.

They are providing ongoing 24-hour personal care, medication reminders, meal preparation, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and companionship to my elderly friend. The CK’s immediately follow up if there are any new or ongoing health issues that myself or Anne’s physician needs to be aware of.

Rebecca at the office also emails the updates from the CK’s communication book, so I can read what’s going on and if there are any issues.

The owner himself Brecon and Dianne the nurse, visit Anne weekly which gives peace of mind to Anne and me, as they are on top of any issue that arises.

Anne’s very first day home from the hospital was a Sunday, and Brecon was there to greet Anne (on his last day of vacation) and also the Office Scheduler, Rebecca was there, and Dianne the nurse came the next day to see how Anne was settling in at home.

That was impressive!….who does that?….Comfort Keepers did!….I can honestly not say enough about them…I am spreading the word on how wonderful they are.

Comfort Keepers are allowing my elderly friend Anne to remain in her own home with love, integrity, and respect.

Comfort Keepers Client

“…Highly Recommend Comfort Keepers…”

On January 26th, 2017 I met with Suzanne from Comfort Keepers to discuss care for our Mother. The information I received was very detailed and by February 1st we started with the Company. The caregivers are all well trained and personable. It is working out very well for our Mother and gives us peace of mind knowing that she is safe. The Office Staff are all very knowledgeable and friendly.

I would highly recommend Comfort Keepers to other families who require this caliber of service for their loved ones.

Comfort Keepers Client

“…Amazing Company…”

I am the Power of Attorney for a 96-year young gentleman, Mr. Smith. When he had a bad fall late September 2016 we were introduced to how poor our medical system is.  One instance being they would only release Mr. Smith to a full care facility!  Like most people, this idea was most upsetting to Mr. Smith and we felt absolutely unnecessary.  I thought if we had in-home care they might accept this solution and release him which they did.  Nearly a year later and his is doing extremely well and continuing to be relatively independent.

I was given some firm names, one being Victoria Comfort Keeper.  I started my research and set up an appointment with Mr. Brecon Gage who introduced me to each office staff member, went over their policy, fees, and clearly answered all my questions and thoroughly explained their paperwork.  It was an easy decision to hire them for Mr. Smith’s care and I have not been disappointed for one second.

Victoria Comfort Keepers continues to impress me with their quality of care, dedication to not only their clients but also their advocates; they continually go well above and beyond any expectation I originally had.

My life has been in Customer Service and in my opinion to be good in this field you cannot train for it, it has to be part of your make up.  Also, I can be very critical regarding customer service and Victoria Comfort Keepers never cease to amaze me how they excel in this.

Hard to imagine how a very independent 96 year old would feel with having a stranger attend to his very personal needs daily.  Comfort Keepers put an excellent team together with Mr. Smith being seen by the same caregivers daily/weekly.  This gives each the opportunity to get to know each other and feel comfortable and they were always respectful of him.

Comfort Keepers have a registered nurse, Suzanne, on staff and she visited Mr. Smith immediately.  She went around his Independent Living Suite and made incredible suggestions for safety products for me to purchase to assist him and furniture placement again for his safety.  As Mr. Smith is a diabetic and had a heel injury caused in the hospital, she noted this and regularly visited to apply appropriate cream and dress the area.  She again suggested a pillow under his calves to raise his heels so he wouldn’t rub them on the sheets ~ affecting the injury.

Each caregiver performed their duties with knowledge, compassion and always considering  Mr. Smith’ needs.  They communicated with me by leaving notes for any item that they needed for his care or any item that Mr. Smith’ was running out of i.e. diabetic cream, milk etc.

To assist Mr. Smith with his ability to remain in his Independent Living Residence we hired a physiotherapist who was recommended by Victoria Comfort Keepers.  She has been such a positive part of his recovery and getting stronger than prior to his September fall.  Although regular physiotherapy was excellent it wasn’t enough and again Victoria Comfort Keepers was there to assist.  One of their caregivers works 5 -6 days/week with Mr. Smith with walking and balance exercises.  Besides benefitting his strength and balance they were there to ensure he was doing well with that extra positive visit.  Again excellent care and consideration.

Since our initial service in October, Mr. Smith has both improved but also had another serious fall and Victoria Comfort Keepers were always there to help us.  As he improved from the September fall we were able to cut back on some of his care and then increase it after he returned home from the very serious fall early February.

Victoria Comfort Keepers goes above and beyond any expectation!

Comfort Keepers Client

“…Integrity and Reliability…”

Our dad has been a client of Brecon Gage and company for quite some time now.  We are so grateful that we learned about Comfort Keepers and are so very impressed with the professional level of care, the level of communication with both dad and the family, and the personal touch that Comfort Keepers provides him.

Dad is 91 years of age and is living at Parkwood Place on Selbourne Street.  He is able to remain at Parkwood Place in his assisted living apartment, enjoying his good health and independence with the care that Comfort Keepers provides him.

My two brothers and I do not live in Victoria and so the integrity and reliability of Brecon and his staff are really very important to our family.  We are so reassured in many ways that dad is in caring and capable hands with Comfort Keepers.  They provide personal care for him in a scheduled way that best suits him and his routines.  When dad has needed safety equipment he was readily assisted in a surprisingly quick manner to be fitted with equipment to meet his needs, providing comfort, safety, and peace of mind for us all.

Earlier this year, dad was quite ill and, in the past would have had to go in an ambulance, wait in Emergency, and experience all that entails for a sick, elderly person.  However, with the assistance of Comfort Keepers, dad was able to stay at home with 24-hour care for several days, ensuring he was able to stay at home and recover more quickly.  The experienced personnel, the scheduling, and the level of communication with both dad and myself was so important and eased our minds greatly.

Lastly, I really value the personal and professional way that Brecon is so available for both dad there in Parkwood Place, and me over here in Okotoks.  He takes the time just to check in with dad or to follow up with me, making sure dad is happy and well cared for.

Comfort Keepers Client

 “…Highly Recommend Comfort Keepers…”

For the past twenty months, Comfort Keepers has provided social support and now daily care for our ninety-year-old father who is in the later stages of dementia. Their staff has provided consistent, sensitive care and been able to adjust to our father’s changing needs as his disease progresses. During this time, Comfort Keepers has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to ethical decision making, trustworthiness and especially the highest level of customer service.

Along the Alzheimer’s journey, many sensitive issues arise. These issues are expected, but often occur suddenly and cause upsets and confusion for Dad and our family. Comfort Keepers management and health care aids (HCA) always proactively inform family, exhibiting great discretion and kindness. They are ready to discuss these concerns with us, suggest ways to alleviate them and quickly develop a new care plan. Our Dad began demonstrating some inappropriate behavior, very common in Alzheimer patients, which escalated and caused concern for the HCA.  Comfort Keepers management called us immediately, arranged a meeting and put appropriate changes in place. Management also supported their staff member, did not place her back into a potentially challenging situation with Dad and initiated changes to ensure that this situation did not occur again with any of their team.  The owner, Brecon Gage, interacted with Dad to talk about the incident and the changes that would occur, which we appreciated.  Every stakeholder was treated with great respect and valued as a partner in our Dad’s care. With Dad’s recent move to complex care, the Comfort Keepers staff supported Dad during the relocation, aware that the outcome will mean a significant decrease in the assistance they will provide. Brecon Gage told us that he and his staff are always committed to such changes and know they have done a good job when a client transitions successfully out or their care. What a great example of ethical values versus the bottom line.

Our family immediately recognized trustworthiness as a core value at Comfort Keepers. If there are scheduling issues, replacements are found, changes to schedules are communicated in advance, our family is notified. Management has even volunteered to step in until an alternate HCA is arranged. We always know that Dad is being looked after well. Suggested care is always appropriate for Dad’s needs and never in excess of what is required.  Some months ago the family had requested one-on-one evening assistance but the Comfort Keepers team recognized that cluster care, at a lower cost, was a good option as Dad did not need the higher level of assistance.

Customer Service Excellence is the hallmark of Comfort Keepers. The staff provides consistent, sensitive support and strives to let the clients know they care about them. HCA’s are matched to the client very well, taking the client’s and family’s suggestions into consideration. On several occasions they have intervened when Dad was in a vulnerable position, making sure that he was safe and comfortable.On arrival at Dad’s independent living facility, one of the HCA’s saw him crossing the road mid-block in busy traffic.  That worker put herself in harm’s way to rescue Dad. The patient’s care, safety, and happiness are always at the forefront. There is a willingness to discuss concerns and suggestions for care. Management seeks input and ideas from their HCA’s in order to deliver the best services. All our requests related to care and Dad’s health are addressed with objectivity and understanding. As Dad’s abilities have waned, many times this customer service has been provided to our family who are daily care providers to Dad as well.

Management knows each client and the owner, Brecon Gage, visits regularly to maintain contact. Brecon was approaching Dad’s independent care facility and saw him walking nearby. Understanding Dad’s mobility level, he recognized that Dad was having difficulty with the curb and when Dad tripped he was there to assist.

Communication between the Comfort Keepers team and family is excellent. There are weekly and even daily e-mailed reports and daily written communication between Dad’s HCA’s. These communications keep us up-to-date about Dad’s dementia journey and create opportunities for proactive solutions to assist our father. Replies to our e-mails and phone messages are always immediate. Dad’s very recent move to complex care, with his ensuing confusion and fears, was very successful because of dialogue between Comfort Keepers and the new care facility staff.

The scheduling process is excellent with staff changes communicated in advance. A small group of HCA’s are assigned to each client to alleviate confusion and create a familiar atmosphere. The staff has been very flexible in accommodating changes to the schedule, for instance when a family member is available during times normally covered by Comfort Keepers.

We would not hesitate to recommend Comfort Keepers to friends who are looking for quality, compassionate seniors care for a family member

Comfort Keepers Client


“…Kindness and Caring…”

I would like to express our utmost gratitude and appreciation to you all for providing us with such outstanding service over the past 2.5 years. Comfort Keepers is truly dedicated to excellence and fulfilled our needs well beyond expectation.

I have appreciated Rebecca, who is always such a pleasure to speak with on the phone, and always so prompt in responding to any questions I may have.

Brecon is genuinely committed to operating a professional, caring, reliable service, and matching companions so compatible with clients. I have appreciated his visits with Jim and his personally meeting with nursing in pursuit of ensuring the best care. Nursing was so impressed, as no other company does such follow-up.

We were so honored to have had Carol and Pureza as companions for my mother and my step-father over the past 2.5 years. They are amazing, genuine, caring, loving, beautiful people. I praise them for making such a difference to the quality of life for my mother and step-father. We as the family felt such comfort and peace of mind, knowing our loved ones were so well looked after. They gave 100% of themselves every day. I will carry such warm memories, of their interactions with my parents. Pureza’s singing with my mom, how much they laughed together, the hugs and physical expressions of love my mother thrived on and needed. Jim loved his time with her, it brought him such comfort and pleasure.

Carol is the best advocate for quality care anyone could have. She gave and demanded the best. I love her natural gift for socializing and appreciated her reading to my mom. I love the relationship she had with Jim and his sharing stories of his life with her and interesting bits of information. He always looked forward to spending weekends with her. Carol even brought in a picnic supper their last evening together, also she would bring chocolate cake on yearly anniversaries to celebrate their time together.

I also appreciated Carol and Pureza’s organizing and helping Jim view his lifetime of photos. This helped him reflect back over his life and bring closure and be able to share stories and reminisce. We could not have hoped for anyone better than these two angels, in providing companionship, love, and care for our loved ones.

Please know your kindness and caring were never wasted and transformed someone’s dark moments with a blaze of light. You’ll never know how much that mattered and what a difference it made.

Comfort Keepers Client

 “…Love, Integrity and Respect…”

Our family has been the recipients of their care for about two years.  My parents live in an assisted-living residence, at considerable distance from the spread-out rest of the family. At the insistence of their doctor, Mom (and Dad on the sidelines) became recipients of increasing service.

From the beginning, Mom started to perk up from the care she was receiving. The friendliness of the staff and their willingness to do anything on her behalf was amazing. The little details were attended to, and life became sunnier despite increasing physical limitations.

When Dad died, the family was amazed at how Comfort Keepers arranged to have someone be with Mom for the 12 hours it took for someone from the family to arrive.

Brecon is so willing to make special arrangements, be in contact with the doctor, give tactful advice, and drop on for little chats just to make sure that Mom’s needs are being met. He takes care to be with family members whenever possible and obviously listens carefully to their concerns. He takes the time to share any potential issues by phone or email. His staff speaks very highly of him and of the whole organization.

During the course of our visits with Mom, we have met several of her caregivers. They have obviously been well-trained in the needs of the elderly, and seem able to pick up on Mom’s individual needs and interests. Each caregiver naturally has different special skills and personality, but all offer much-needed friendship beyond the physical help. The communication book that is used at each visit ensures that details are attended to, and developing concerns are dealt with.

Communication with the Comfort Keepers office is excellent. Whenever we need to adjust schedules, have a bill explained, ask for advice or extra help on Mom’s behalf, there is a friendly and efficient response.

It is such a relief for the family to know that Mom is so well taken care of by Comfort Keepers.

Their motto is Love. Integrity. Respect. We have seen so many examples of each of these values that we cannot recommend them highly enough.

Comfort Keepers Client

 “…Above and Beyond in All Areas…”

I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Comfort Keepers for the Business of the Year Award. It has been close to 3 years that I have known Brecon Gage and his team, through my work as General Manager at The Wellesley, as well as involvement in the Rotary Club of Victoria.  I can truly say they go above and beyond in all areas of business. From confidentiality of information, respect and dignity of clients, working in an ethical manner, to top notch customer service in all ways.

Customer service is evident by Brecon hands-on involvement in visiting clients in hospital and within their home. A sign of ensuring service is satisfactory for clients and receiving feedback to improve where possible, always striving for excellence. This is not something one often sees from an owner, but Brecon is more than an owner. He cares and goes out of his way to make a difference in the seniors within our community who need assistance. He makes the extra effort to go beyond the standard practice. He is always reaching to make things better for those he serves; from the families, stakeholders, clients and the community at large.

Community involvement is significant with himself and team members participating in such groups as the Elder Friendly Community Network, Rotary events, B4B, to name a few.   Recently I attended the Better Business Awards and had the opportunity to sit with Brecon and several of his team members. The caring and respect I witnessed amongst them, certainly demonstrated a cohesive, engaged, caring team that had a passion for helping seniors in need. It was a true pleasure to observe.

Janet Power
Executive Director, Revera Long Term Care

 “…Nothing Short of Amazing…”

I cannot begin to thank you enough for all the help you and your amazing team provided for my father-in-law in his last few months.

There were so many things we appreciated: the ease of booking our first assessment, your total team approach so we didn’t have the “revolving door” of daily caregivers, the east of communication with both your office (when we needed to change times or advise of a new medication), and of course with the wonderful team of caregivers. These kind, compassionate people, who you call “Comfort Keepers”, were nothing short of amazing!

Dad could be a bit difficult at times (perhaps this is an understatement), but your Comfort Keepers were always patient, kind and able to re-direct him thus avoiding a “flare up”.

It was a very difficult time for us all during this time, but we know that Dad could not have had better care and for this, our family is very grateful. Kudos to you and your team.

Many thanks and please extend our gratitude to all of your staff.

Comfort Keepers Client

 “…Such a Dedicated Team…”

The dedication of the organization to the cause is clear – In all of our months of the program, the Comfort Keepers team has not missed a single day (the owner even came and completed the delivery route on two occasions when a care-aide was unexpectedly sick), ensuring our patients receive their medications and best possible care.

We have never seen such a dedicated team that has routinely surpassed the expectations of our patients, and our team.

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