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Comfort Keepers provides award-winning in-home care for seniors and other adults in need of assistance with daily activities. Our highly trained and dedicated caregivers can help your loved one stay in their home for as long as safely possible—a dream come true for many elders.

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With spectacular oceanfront, beautiful parks, and trails on Southern Vancouver Island, Colwood is the perfect living place. Colwood is packed with cultural and recreational amenities, hence it is great for people of all ages. Many seniors want to come here after retiring or have been lucky enough to retire in this place. In Colwood, seniors enjoy moments with their loved ones and rejuvenate their souls and body through breathtaking sceneries and destinations. And with Comfort Keepers senior home care services that are tailored to the different needs of the elderly, seniors can live their life the best they can.

The challenges families face during the search for quality senior care are greatly recognized by Comfort Keepers. We also know that trying to find the proper type of care to successfully accommodate the needs of your senior loved one is even more difficult. The goal of the family and the senior is to find a service that meets or exceeds the needs of the senior while allowing them to remain in the comfort of their own home. This is where our senior care consultants make the difference. They come into the home to discuss and arrange the best level of care for your aging loved one.

The Evaluation

During the time in the home, the care provider evaluates the home. It is then that the house is assessed for any items that may cause your loved one to slip and fall. Things such as cables, wires, cords, loose floorboards, or rugs are all noted for removal. They don’t attempt to go into the home and make the family feel that they aren’t doing things correctly, but instead to show that the senior’s safety is what they consider most important.

After this is done, the caregiver talks with the family and the senior to assess their physical and emotional needs to ensure that they plan to deliver the best quality of care. Once the evaluation is complete, and the family understands the needs of the senior and how they can best be met, a plan is developed. The programs are flexible and can change whenever the conditions of the aging adult change.

Our Care Providers

We only employ the best quality care, which the best caregivers ultimately deliver. We conduct in-depth background checks and screenings on each senior care provider. They are tested, licensed, bonded, and continuously trained to give families and their loved ones the best quality of care available.

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If you would like to have an in-home consultation to determine if your loved one will benefit from senior professional care in Colwood, contact us online or call 778-402-2175 to learn more about our services today.

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