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Our Caregivers Assist Seniors with Dental Hygiene in Victoria, BC

Uncategorized  |  April 9, 2018

To observe Oral Cancer Awareness month, Comfort Keepers of Victoria, BC has gathered information to help seniors and older adults maintain good oral hygiene to prevent oral cancer. Our caregivers assist seniors with their hygeine as a part of the home care services they provide to your loved one.

The most common dental concerns among seniors include darkened teeth, gum disease, root decay, loss of or missing teeth, loss of sense of taste, dry mouth, and an uneven jawbone that causes an underbite or overbite. Oral cancer is a serious dental concern and can occur anywhere in the mouth area. Seniors with oral cancer often have difficulty chewing or swallowing, or might find a lump, sore, or irritation on the mouth, lip, or throat, jaw swelling, or white or red patches in the mouth.

Thankfully, most cases of oral cancer are preventable with good hygiene and regular dentist visits. Seniors should be practicing good dental habits, such as daily brushing and flossing. Making it a priority to visit the dentist on a regular basis the best way to prevent oral diseases and oral cancer.

Seniors can expect a cleaning from a hygienist as well as an examination from a dentist during a dental visit. During a cleaning, a dental hygienist will remove built-up plaque and tartar, brush the teeth with a high-powered toothbrush, and floss the teeth in all areas, including the hard to reach areas near the back of the mouth. A hygienist can also provide older adults and seniors with good oral hygiene advice.

After cleaning, a dentist will perform the oral exam. The dentist will ask questions related to any changes in the mouth, tooth sensitivity or looseness, difficulty swallowing or chewing, and will also examine any lumps, bumps, swelling, pain, or discomfort in the mouth.

If you would like to inquire about our services and learn more about how our caregivers can help your loved one keep up with their dental hygiene, contact Comfort Keepers of Victoria, BC today.

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