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Heart Health is Important for Seniors in Victoria

Uncategorized  |  February 28, 2019

The heart is an organ in the body that’s essential to wellbeing, so is there anything we can do to take special care of it? Experts say there are three changes in lifestyle habits that will offer protection to your heart health – better diet, more exercise and less stress.


There are specific foods that can be incorporated into diet easily for better heart health. They can even help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels when consumed regularly.

  • Eat more cold water fish: Varieties of salmon, mackerel and tuna
  • Be nutty: Eat a daily handful of nuts like almonds, macadamia, or walnuts
  • Enjoy more flavonoids: Flavonoids are found in red grapes, dark chocolate, and tea, to name a few
  • Look for a rainbow of vegetables: Think about color. Eat leafy greens, red tomatoes, white, purple or yellow cauliflower, red, yellow or green peppers, keeping variety in the diet


Can you find 150 minutes a week for exercise? That’s only 30 minutes five times per week, and there are so many options!

  1. Walk or hike – Go anywhere anytime! Make it more fun when you walk with a friend.
  2. Exercise in water – Buoyancy prevents pressure on joints, making swimming and water exercises great for everyone.
  3. Bicycle indoors or out – Either way, it’s a fun option that you can do by yourself or with a friend.
  4. Senior Yoga – Find a senior yoga class with a teacher that understands aging bodies or limitations.
  5. Strength building – Build strength to exercise heart muscles with hand weights or weightlifting machines. This helps slow down the loss of muscle tissue that naturally occurs with aging.


Stress reduction techniques can reduce blood pressure and other chronic health problems. Set priorities so your schedule isn’t overwhelming and remember to schedule time for fun and relaxation.

  1. Don’t deny yourself. Give yourself permission to do what you love, whether that’s working on a jigsaw puzzle, reading, playing with the dog, drawing or painting. Enjoy activities that put a smile on your face!
  2. Stay socially involved. Invite a friend to go to a community program, join a book club or a bridge group. Do anything that gets you out of the house regularly and around other people.
  3. Enjoy fun and laughter. How often do you really have a belly laugh? Find ways to bring laughter into your life!
  4. With varieties of meditation available, you can find something you enjoy and feel good about so your body relaxes and anxious feelings are resolved.


At Comfort Keepers®, we understand what the heart needs. Our professional caregivers will assist with diet and nutrition, exercise, or stress reduction. Call us today for more information!

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