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Helping Loved Ones Get Through Sundown Syndrome

Uncategorized  |  September 18, 2017

It can be one of the darkest moments in life or one that has the brightest light. You may not always see it coming but the signs are usually there. They call it sundown syndrome and the symptoms can be up-front or sometimes hard to identify. Either way, it means that Alzheimer’s is somewhere near and dementia care should be considered.

Alzheimer’s disease is usually accompanied by a specific set of signs and symptoms that vary among patients. One of the most common signs is known as sundown syndrome. It is given this name because most of the symptoms set in around sundown, the end of day. People dealing with the disease may become easily confused, unexplainably anxious or mentally fatigued and these symptoms will usually be worse around sundown.

Signs of Sundown Syndrome

  • Excessive anxiety

  • Late day agitation

  • Confusion

  • Mental fatigue

Dementia Care for Loved Ones

Any person experiencing signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia should be given quality dementia care. There are several things that can be done to help them cope with the drastic change that their life is undergoing. Remember to keep things around home as normal as possible. Make as few physical changes as possible, because life is taking them through changes that they aren’t prepared for right now. Keep light bulbs changed to ensure significant lighting and to decrease the number of shadows that sundown syndrome patients see.

Make sure your loved one gets good rest and remains calm most of the day. Give them healthy meals that are not filled with sugary foods or caffeine. Normalcy makes it possible for them to live through this phase of life with as much dignity as possible. It is a good idea to talk with other members of the family about what changes they may be noticing in the loved one’s behavior also.

Professional Help

Understanding when to seek professional help is important for those providing dementia care. To ignore the signs and not enlist the services of those trained to cope with sundown syndrome can lead to bigger issues. It can also make the condition much more challenging for the person living with it. Professionals can provide necessary assessment and care for those dealing with Alzheimer’s and helps loved ones to understand what changes to expect.

Most importantly, understand that help is available and there is no need to weather this storm alone. If you would like to talk to one of our experts about our dementia care services available in Victoria, contact us or call 778-770-2115 today!

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