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Here’s Why Your Loved One Should Consider Cataract Tests in Victoria, BC

Uncategorized  |  August 30, 2018

What are signs that it’s time for a cataract exam? It’s definitely time for a qualifying exam when an aging adult has blurred or double vision, eyeglasses don’t improve the situation, and daily activities are affected by this loss of vision. Since cataracts, left untreated, tend to worsen towards blindness, preventative exams, along with appropriate medical care is crucially important in averting a downward spiral of vision loss. If you are having problems, remember that you are not alone. Cataracts are a common struggle for over 24 million people.


Cataracts are especially prevalent in older adults, causing a clouding of the lens, and restricting the proper amount of light from entering the eyes, thus diminishing visual acuity. Cataracts aren’t painful, but they can be the cause of big problems for someone who values independent living. Cataracts can cause problems with driving because night vision is affected. Problems like blurring or a halo effect around lights will affect the ability to drive. Colors may seem lackluster hard to identify, even while wearing glasses. Over time, a senior’s eyes may be noticeably cloudy and discolored.


We still don’t fully understand what triggers cataracts, other than aging. We do know there are other factors that probably contribute:

  • Smoking

  • Eye injury, specific diseases, or inflammation

  • Exposure to UV rays

  • Hereditary factors

  • Diabetes

  • Using steroids for extended periods of time

  • Events that occur prior to birth, such as an illness the mother has when pregnant


How can we protect ourselves from cataracts? Wear sunglasses with UV-protection, quit smoking, exercise, and eat leafy green veggies. Make an appointment with the eye doctor annually so cataracts can be detected early.


Cataract surgery is commonplace in the U.S. with over 2 million procedures performed annually, with a success rate of over 95%. That’s great news for seniors who worry about their eyesight. Furthermore, recovery time is just a few days, with only about a month of time necessary for complete healing. During recovery, friends and family may wonder how they can assist their loved one. A professional caregiver is often advised during this time so the patient can live independently with light assistance during these weeks. When the recovering adult receives help with housekeeping, meals, and errands, they maintain a sense of competence. Caregivers can also transport the senior to follow-up medical appointments!


Contact Comfort Keepers of Victoria to ask about the professional in-home care that could be helpful to a cataract patient after surgery.

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