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Hernias and Seniors in Victoria, BC

Uncategorized  |  October 29, 2019

A hernia occurs when tissue or an organ squeezes through the wall of the cavity that holds it in place. About 10% of people have a hernia once in their life.  Hernias are usually located in the groin, stomach or belly button, and they have various symptoms. The problem with a hernia is that it can turn into a medical emergency at any time. If your loved one believes they have a hernia, they should discuss it with their health provider as soon as possible, regardless of whether it is causing them pain or not.

In case your parent has a hernia, they will notice a lump on their body that can be big or small, soft or firm and painful or painless.  If your loved one experiences a heavy sensation in the area where the hernia is located as well as swelling, they should visit their doctor.

When the blood supply to the herniated tissue is cut off, strangulation of hernia occurs. Those who have a strangulated hernia can experience fever, sudden intense pain, nausea, and vomiting. Also, the lump can become larger or turn red or purple. When this happens, immediate surgery is necessary.

If your loved one is suspecting that they have a hernia, they should notify their doctor who will perform a physical exam and order an ultrasound or CT scan. In case your parent gets diagnosed, they should find out what type of hernia they have, whether they will need to get surgery and what kind of symptoms will alert them that their condition is getting worse. In addition, your loved one should see how they can care for their hernia, and learn what to do in case their hernia starts to hurt or changes shape, size or color.

 Comfort Keepers Can Help

It is our mission to ensure the comfort, happiness, and independence of all our clients, regardless of their medical condition. Even if your parent has specific care needs, like a hernia, you can count on us. Our skilled and trained caregivers will provide companionship and transportation to appointments, help your parents with meal preparation as well as light housekeeping, keep an eye on your loved one and monitor their physical changes and symptoms. With our compassionate care, our clients are able to find joy in every day and lead fulfilled lives.

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