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In Home Care Enables Elderly Residents to Enjoy Gardening Outdoors

Uncategorized  |  April 26, 2018

Spring has sprung! Many people, including seniors with in home care, are getting outdoors to take advantage of warmer weather by gardening. Gardening is an excellent way to provide older adults with beautiful plants and fresh produce and it can offer a variety of physical and emotional benefits. Some of these benefits include:


Gardening is exercise, and when senior citizens are active in the garden, it can help them manage their weight, improve flexibility and balance, strengthen their heart and lungs, as well as all of their muscles!

Increased Exposure to Vitamin D

We all need Vitamin D! Getting outdoors in the garden gives seniors increased exposure to the sun which is essential for older adults because it can help prevent falls and fractures. It can help them stay more mobile and independent, decrease the risk of heart issues, diabetes, and even some cancers.

Reduced Stress

Aging adults might experience more stress than most people because of financial struggles, health challenges, and the perpetual loss of loved ones. Gardening reduces stress hormone levels which can help decrease feelings of loneliness or depression. Peaceful outdoor environments with the fresh scents of plants is calming.

A Sense of Accomplishment

It’s important to maintain a sense of accomplishment during the older years and gardening is a perfect way for older adults to accomplish something amazing. They can feel fulfilled and proud to create their own garden, and especially when they can share their flowers and vegetables with others.

Reduced Risk of Dementia

Gardening may improve problem-solving and sensory awareness skills for all ages. It can keep senior brains in tip-top shape. It also provides new topics for their research and understanding.

A New Skill or Hobby

It doesn’t matter if the older adult in home care has never gardened before. Gaining a new skill or hobby can be fun! Learning about the varieties of flowers and vegetables may even help a person eventually become an expert gardener.

Keep seniors in home care safe while gardening by providing sunscreen, shade or sun hats, keep plenty of water at hand, and allow the use of knee pads to protect their knees. Keep them on flat walkways that are free of slipping hazards.

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