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At Home Care Suggestions for Knee or Hip Replacement Aftercare in Victoria, BC

Uncategorized  |  July 14, 2018

Fortunately, we live in an age of incredible medical advancements that have made knee and hip replacements for seniors safe and common in occurrence. Family or close friends can offer their loved ones at home care, so they can recover in their own homes and quickly get back to their independent living. Consider the following helpful tips before you offer to care for someone after a surgical procedure:

First-floor Recovery Room

Gather all necessities in advance of surgery into a first-floor recovery room so the patient won’t have to use the stairs for a while. Find a bed that is adjustable to the proper height for the patient and cover it with clean fresh-smelling linens and pillows. Put the crutches or a walker in close proximity to the bed for easy reach. Place their personal toiletries or necessities bedside. When a bathroom isn’t near to the room, rent a portable chair commode for the first recovery days.

Prescription Medications

Drugs are typically prescribed after replacement surgery. It’s extremely important that pain medicines are dosed exactly as prescribed, so have a conversation with the doctor before or immediately after surgery so you understand the details.

Wound Care

After any surgery, vigilant wound care is necessary. You’ll have to call the doctor if there is increased swelling and inflammation. Keep the clean bandages and supplies handy so dressings can be changed expediently.

Household Chores

Help the patient by doing as many household tasks as you can so they focus on their needed rest for recovery. Small things do help. Just bringing in the mail, or doing a couple loads of laundry is great. Neatening up their room will be appreciated. Running errands, grocery shopping and providing healthy meals are all important.

Follow Up Medical Appointments

The patient mustn’t miss their post-surgery medical appointments. You may have to make some difficult adjustments to your own schedule so you can transport your loved one. This can all be challenging.

Rehab and Exercises After Surgery

Hip or knee replacement surgeries are normally followed with prescribed rehab plans that include daily exercises. After arriving home, people sometimes have resistance to the exercises, due to pain or fatigue, but you can encourage them and offer to help them on a daily schedule.

All surgeries need recovery time afterward, but hip and knee surgeries sometimes call for more than families and friends can provide. You don’t have to be discouraged. Call us for additional help in providing at home care for your loved one during recovery.

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