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How to Help Your Senior Loved One with Medication Safety in Victoria

Uncategorized  |  November 9, 2018

Safety with prescription medication management is vital to the wellbeing of aging adults who want continued independence. Taking the right medication at the right time is vital to your loved ones’ good health. Consuming medications incorrectly can be harmful, or even lethally dangerous. How can you help a loved one?


Consider the following:

  1. Generate an organized list of all the prescription and over the counter medications, your aging loved one is prescribed. Maintain it with regular updates and record the reasons for taking each medication. When you’re not clear of the reason or importance, call their prescribing doctor to inquire.

  2. Understand each medication and how it is expected to remedy or manage symptoms. Write the drug’s potential side effects, too. Jot down symptoms that had previously occurred prior to each prescription, and if there were any side effects in the past. As symptoms are improved, or side effects occur, their treatment plan may need to be looked at and re-evaluated.

  3. Keep alert for signs or symptoms that your loved one is possibly overmedicated, especially if he or she is suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure. Sadly, it’s just all too common that elderly adults take doses higher than necessary so don’t hesitate to call for medical help if you’re concerned that your loved one has taken more than the prescribed medication.

  4. Watch for problems with drug interactions since so many elderly people are taking several prescription medications. Search online for free drug interaction checkers or call the prescribing doctor with questions or for advice.


Comfort Keepers® can help eliminate safety concerns for your loved ones with our caregiver services. Our trained caregivers don’t dispense medication, but they can provide reminders to your loved ones of when to take their dosages and the correct amounts, as well.


We bring peace of mind to many families. Someone you know and love could probably benefit from the help of a caring professional. You can contact us anytime for more information or advice.

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