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Identifying the Early Signs/Symptoms of Alzheimer’s in Victoria, BC

Uncategorized  |  December 30, 2019

Millions of people across the country have, in some way, been affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Some of them have been diagnosed with this illness while others are dealing with a diagnosis of a loved family member. Nowadays, the early detection of the disease is getting more attention than ever before and scientists are actively testing just how a brain starts to change years before any severe symptoms of Alzheimer’s occur. The Alzheimer’s Association has estimated that only 33% of older adults diagnosed with this disease are aware they have it, and organizations are working to increase this number. Although Alzheimer’s diagnoses is difficult both for people who are diagnosed as well as their families, detecting it in its early stages can significantly affect one’s quality of life. Detecting the disease early on allows seniors to participate in various clinical trials, and helps them and their families get prepared for the future and find the right care solution.

Early Signs/Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

There is a number of the most common early symptoms of Alzheimer’s seniors and their families should be on the lookout for. If you notice that your loved one is forgetting something that they recently learned as well as important dates such as their birthday, or they are often asking the same question, schedule a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible. Expressing worry about memory capabilities, having issues with managing finances or solving problems, and unwillingness to plan for future events are also early symptoms of the disease. Patients with Alzheimer’s also become lost while driving even if they know the route by heart, they disengage from work, favorite hobbies, or social events and often experience changes in mood and personality. If your loved one suddenly has problems with following or joining a conversation, judging distance/space and easily loses track of time, consider consulting their physician. Other common signs of Alzheimer’s are sleep problems, misplacing items, increased anxiety and difficulty completing familiar tasks at home.

Comfort Keepers Can Help

At Comfort Keepers, we offer high-quality Alzheimer’s care. Our compassionate caregivers are trained to recognize early signs of the illness and can notify the client’s family as soon as they identify these changes. If your parent has already been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, we can provide them with assistance and support they need to remain safe and comfortable at home. Our caregivers can help with various daily tasks such as housekeeping, meal preparation and transportation. If you wish to learn more about our care services, please contact our office in Victoria, BC today.


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