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Kidney Disease Symptoms for Seniors in Victoria, BC

Uncategorized  |  March 19, 2018

Symptoms of kidney disease in seniors and older adults are often very subtle, meaning that the disease often goes undiagnosed. This is why it’s extremely important to understand the symptoms of kidney disease so that you can spot the symptoms early and take your senior loved one to see a medical professional before the disease advances.


Constantly Feeling Cold

Kidney disease can cause a person to feel cold constantly, even when they should be warm. Additionally, pyelonephritis or a kidney infection can cause a person to experience fever and chills.


Changes in Urinating

Kidneys are responsible for urine. Changes in urination are often a sign of kidney disease. Urine with traces of blood, bubbly or foamy urine, difficulty urinating, or the overwhelming urge to urinate are all considered changes in urination and should be reported to a doctor.


Weakness or Fatigue

As kidneys begin to lose function, a buildup of wastes in the body or anemia can cause a shortage of red blood cells, which can lead to feelings of weakness or fatigue.


Swollen Ankles and Feet

When kidney function decreases, sodium builds up in the body. This can lead to swelling of the feet and ankles. Swollen feet and ankles can also be a symptoms of other illnesses, such as heart disease, liver disease, or chronic leg vein issues.


Shortness of Breath or Difficulty with Breathing

Decreased kidney function and anemia can lead to the build up of fluids in the body and lungs. This can make it difficult to breathe or causing someone to feel shortness of breath. Shortness of breath is usually seen in the later stages of kidney disease.


Bad Tastes in the Mouth

Wastes can build up in the body from weakened kidney function and can cause a bad taste in the mouth. This may also be a side effect of medications used to treat kidney stones, arthritis, and high blood pressure.


If you or your senior loved one are experiencing the symptoms of kidney disease, you should visit a doctor to perform basic screening kidney health tests. If kidney disease is found during screening, a doctor known as a nephrologist can conduct deeper, more specialized evaluations and can advise on lifestyle changes to reduce or treat the symptoms of kidney disease.

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