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Preventing Cyber Frauds in Seniors: 5 Useful Tips to Protect Your Loved One in Victoria, BC

Uncategorized  |  December 21, 2020

Anyone can fall prey to cybercrime and there are more and more situations in which these attacks take place. Therefore, practicing online safety is essential for avoiding predators and scams. If your mom or dad spends some time online, they should be aware of the potential dangers that lurk in the virtual world.

These 5 tips can help you make sure your aging loved one stays safe online:

Use security software – It is important to get some anti-virus of anti-spyware software. There are plenty of different programs to choose from, many of which are senior-friendly and easy to use. Just make sure the program is properly installed on your loved one’s device and they are all set.

Limit access to accounts – To keep their personal information secure, advise your loved one to enable two-factor authentication wherever they can and never give out sensitive personal info to someone who could take advantage. To facilitate online security, try to be mindful about creating clever, strong p@$$w0rdz – this is a good example because strong passwords often include a mix of upper/ lower case, numbers, and symbols.

Evaluate emails – One of the primary tools that hackers use to steal information from seniors is email. A reputable financial institution would never ask for any account information via electronic mail. Advise your loved one against sending any account numbers, passwords, or other personal information. When they are unsure if a bank or financial institution is trying to reach them, it might be better to call the institution directly to check.

Shop online & access social media safely – Cybercriminals often set up fake shopping sites to steal money or obtain passwords. Bring this to mom or dad’s attention and ask them to shop online only through trusted suppliers. You can also find honest online reviews from vendors that alert shoppers to potential scams. Another very important thing, seniors should opt to use credit cards over debit ones for online shopping and monitor accounts for fraudulent activity. Regarding social media accounts, bear in mind that crooks get to their victims through quizzes and fake profiles.

Ask for help – Remind your loved one to talk to you if they feel at risk online or need help navigating security measures. You or your kids can show them how to stay vigilant and avoid fraudsters. Having someone to rely on can allow mom or dad to overcome online issues and get more confidence when using computers and the internet.

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At Comfort Keepers, our mission is to provide the best possible care & assistance to independently living seniors. We deliver customized care plans to help clients elevate their quality of life as much as they can. Our services include friendly companionship, light homemaking, meal prep, transportation to appointments, assistance with digital technologies, and more.

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