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Proper Home Care is Important for Senior Living

Uncategorized  |  October 9, 2017

Senior living can be enjoyable and extremely exciting for retirees or aging adults. Proper accommodations are accompanied by adequate home care to ensure that the home is equipped for each season. Performing seasonal maintenance checks and repairs makes it possible for seniors to be comfortable in their homes, regardless of the season.

Now that winter is approaching, it is important to make certain that your loved ones, especially seniors, have everything they need to survive the cold weather. This includes home care provisions that can be taken care of in little to no time at all. Proper preparations help to prevent any hazardous conditions that accommodate the cold weather. Seniors will enjoy a cozy winter, without the concern of icy conditions or extremely cold weather that winter brings.

Prepare for the Cold

While it is not possible to know exactly how cold, snowy or icy the winter may be, it is possible to prepare for any of these conditions. Make sure your loved one has adequate clothing to keep warm during the winter. Coats, scarves and thermal underwear top the list of essentials to add to the list. It is best for them to stay indoors during ice storms or severe winter weather, but sometimes, relocating to a safer area may be necessary. If this is the case, having warm clothing protects their bodies from the chill and possibly becoming sick with a cold or flu.

Prepare for Dangerous Conditions

In the event of a winter storm, you need to be sure that there is a plan in place and your senior is familiar with the outline of this plan. Seniors who live alone may want to arrange for professional home care during the winter months to help them around the house or accompany them to appointments during the winter. The home care professional can also make arrangements to transport the senior to a safe location during a winter storm if there is no family to do so at the time. Icy weather can often result in power outages and other utility failures. Flashlights, radios, and warm cover should be kept in a central location that is easily accessible for seniors. In the event of a power outage, the senior should be moved to a location with heat as soon as possible.

Seniors should be reminded that they should not try to move around outside on their own during a winter storm or icy conditions. Comfort Keepers can provide professional assistance throughout the winter months to ensure that your senior is safe and secure during acclimate weather.

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