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Senior Home Care Services Provide a Wide Range of Chronic Illness Care for the Elderly

Uncategorized  |  December 29, 2017

One of the most invaluable resources for the elderly is a senior home care agency, as it provides professional and compassionate care for those who live with common chronic illnesses. Caregivers who provide care under the senior care umbrella are trained to care for aging seniors who have chronic illnesses. The treatment they receive allow them to enjoy a higher quality of living.


If an aging adult in your life has been diagnosed with a chronic illness, consider professional care services. There are numerous conditions for which caregivers are trained to offer care.



  •         Elevated blood sugar levels lead to diabetes in seniors.
  •         One out of every four Americans over the age of 65 has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, the most common form. Seniors don’t always respond to insulin as they should, proper senior care can ensure that they are following a proper diet and taking their medication as they should.



  •         Affecting more than 44 million adults 50 and older, this condition affects more than 44 million adults, but is more common in women
  •         This condition causes bones to become brittle and weak, which makes it easier for seniors to break their bones when doing common things, such as bending over, coughing or unfortunately, if they take a fall.
  •         Caregivers assist seniors in their daily lives by creating conditions that reduce the risk of injuries and falls, they encourage them to stop smoking, omit or limit their intake of all, and introduce a diet that promotes healthy bones. Seniors are also encouraged to exercise or remain physically active, daily.



  •         The chronic disease, which worsens as seniors age is described as one or more joints becoming inflamed, which could lead to stiffness and pain in the joints.
  •         Affecting more than 50% of the senior population, arthritis is deemed as the leading cause of disability.
  •         Senior home care providers assist in the management of arthritis by encouraging them to participate in low-impact exercises such as tai-chi or water aerobics, as they help to maintain a healthy weight or weight loss when necessary.


There is an abundance of senior home care services that help seniors manage daily living with chronic illnesses. Caregivers encourage aging adults to remain active and implement healthy habits daily. There are many steps to be taken to treat the various illnesses that are associated with age, and as aging adults, this can sometimes be challenging. Quality senior home care services enhance the lives of those living with a chronic disease.

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