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Tips for Seniors to Prevent Dehydration In Victoria, BC

Uncategorized  |  August 16, 2019

Staying well-hydrated is very important, especially as we age, as it helps maintain proper bodily functions. However, numerous age-related challenges such as a diminished sense of thirst, chronic conditions, medication side effects, mobility issues, and other factors put seniors at a higher risk of dehydration than any other demographic group.

Some of the most common symptoms of dehydration include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Confusion (worse than usual)
  • Severe headache
  • Weakness and fatigue

If you are a family caregiver providing care for Mom or Dad, you want to make sure they drink plenty of water and beverages to stay well-hydrated, especially during warm summer months.

To prevent dehydration, it is important for seniors to follow these tips:

Consult with a physician – Based on your loved one’s age, health, and other factors, a doctor can recommend an ideal fluid intake and provide valuable advice.

Stick to a schedule – It can be challenging, even unpleasant, to drink a lot of water in one sitting. Creating reminders on water intake can help your loved one remain hydrated throughout the day.

Eat water-rich foods – Fresh fruits and vegetables such as melons, apples, strawberries, cucumbers or lettuce are a great way to stay well-hydrated. Your loved one can also opt to eat broth every once in a while.

Add flavor to water – If your loved one is not keen on drinking just water, consider adding small amounts of orange or lemon juice or flavoring to water. Popsicles are also a great choice for hot summer days.

Reduce water loss – Make sure your parent avoids strenuous activities when it is too hot outside and remind them to bring a bottle of water wherever they go.

Don’t wait for thirst – Seniors may have a diminished sense of thirst. Make sure to leave notes or remind your loved one to drink plenty of water when you are not with them.

How Comfort Keepers Can Help

At Comfort Keepers, we provide customized home care services and help senior loved ones continue to live independently at home. Our caregivers assist with various activities and daily routines that can make your loved one’s life at home more safe and comfortable. We can help your parent stay well-hydrated too.

A professional caregiver from Comfort Keepers can provide fluid and medication reminders, transportation to scheduled appointments, prepare healthy meals and make sure your loved one is adhering to their physician-prescribed hydration regimen, and more. Our mission is to elevate your Mom or Dad’s quality of life with any means possible.

Call our office today to learn more. Comfort Keepers in Victoria, BC is happy to help!

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