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Top 5 Signs/Symptoms of a Stroke

Uncategorized  |  May 24, 2018

Have You Learned the Signs and Symptoms of a Stroke?

Did you know that strokes must be treated as a medical emergency to prevent the victim from suffering disability or death? We are supporting American Stroke Awareness Month by offering information on strokes, how they occur, and how you can help a potential stroke victim. Strokes happen when the brain’s blood supply becomes reduced, sometimes because of sudden arterial blockage and sometimes from brain tissue bleeding. Strokes can often be treated and sometimes even prevented with proper care. People who attend to adults in home care must learn the FAST signs of a stroke. With fewer Americans dying from strokes due to medical advances, learning the most common stroke symptoms can potentially save a life. How to you determine if someone needs emergency help for a potential stroke? Read the following.

Look for Sudden Weakness, Numbness or Paralysis

Is there a sudden numbness, weakness or paralysis in the face, arms, or legs? Even if just on one side of the body, this may be indicative of a stroke. Ask the person you are attending in home care to lift both arms overhead, but if both arms can’t lift simultaneously, call for emergency help.

Slurred Speech or Inability to Talk

When an older person in home care services suddenly presents slurred speech or doesn’t seem to understand your words, quickly get help.

Blurred, Blackened or Double Vision Problems

Sudden vision problems can be a sign of a stroke. Don’t hesitate. Call for immediate help, whether it is in one eye or has affected both.

Dizzy with Acute Headache

Make the call to 911 when there is sudden dizziness with acute headache, especially with an altered consciousness.

Standing Up or Walking with Difficulty

If an older adult in home care suddenly can’t stand up or walk without help, call for quick medical care.

FAST Senior Care

Remember FAST when working in home care. Determine quickly if someone is suffering a stroke and get immediate help. FAST stands for:

F-Face: Face drooping if you ask the person to smile

A-Arms: Inability to raise arms simultaneously.

S-Speech: A simple sentence cannot be repeated correctly.

T-Time: If there are problems, get immediate medical attention.

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