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Useful Tips For Combating Elderly Depression in Victoria, BC

Uncategorized  |  January 14, 2020

Finding joy and purpose in regular daily activities and staying connected with loved ones are often regarded as instrumental in maintaining both physical and mental health in golden years. For many aging adults, this may prove to be a challenging task as age-related difficulties such as medical conditions and mobility issues can make enjoying life more difficult.

Sadly, more than 1.8 senior Canadians struggle with some type of mental health problem or illness.

Why is it important for seniors to focus on their mental health?

  • Isolated seniors are at a much higher risk of mental and physical decline than their more active peers (Forbes).
  • Loneliness in seniors can have the same hazardous effect as smoking as much as 15 cigarettes per day (AARP.org).
  • Depression is associated with an increased risk of cardiac diseases and a higher mortality rate from illnesses (WebMD).

As aging adults are often reluctant to speak about their problems, you need to be particularly watchful for signs of depression in your loved one. This might include frequent changes in mood and behavior, self-imposed isolation, weight issues, fatigue, as well as diminished enthusiasm about favorite activities.

Should you notice any of the aforementioned signs, make sure to openly talk to your parent and encourage them to engage in the following activities that might prove helpful:

Exercise – A low-impact exercise regimen approved by a physician can have a far-reaching effect on your loved one’s mental wellness and help them reap a plethora of additional health benefits.

Connection – Depression in seniors often develops as a result of social isolation caused by chronic illness, mobility issues, the inability to drive, or when loved ones live out of town. Some solutions to prevent isolation and subsequent depression include scheduling transportation, professional home care assistance to provide companionship, and utilizing the internet to keep in touch with family far away.

Volunteering – Contributing to a cause they feel passionate about can help your loved one find a sense of purpose and fulfillment and keep depression at bay.

Hobbies and favorite activities – Rekindling an old hobby or adopting a new one can bring lots of joy to your parents and significantly improve their quality of life.

Comfort Keepers Can Help

At Comfort Keepers of Canada, we provide uplifting home care to seniors who continue to live independently at home. Our trained caregivers can provide invaluable companionship and assist with a range of daily activities to help your senior mom or dad age in place well. We offer transportation to community events, support physician-prescribed exercise regimens, and diets, and make efforts to boost one’s overall well-being through meaningful interaction. If you or a loved one would like to learn more about our services and how they can serve you, contact us today!

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