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Useful Tips For Managing Arthritis In Seniors

Uncategorized  |  June 14, 2019

Arthritis is chronic inflammation affecting one or more joints, fairly common in older adults. It is estimated that one in every five adults suffers from arthritis. To help raise awareness on how this disease is identified, diagnosed, and managed successfully, Comfort Keepers brings you the following article.


Signs and Symptoms of Arthritis

Typically, the first signs of arthritis include joint redness, swelling, pain, stiffness, and/or movement difficulties. Older adults who experience these symptoms should be encouraged to see their doctor immediately.


Diagnosing the Condition

To diagnose arthritis, medical professionals may need to conduct physical exams, run blood tests and imaging, and have insight into the medical history and genetic information of the patient.


Depending on the type and severity of the condition, the medical team will proceed by developing an appropriate treatment plan. Unfortunately, arthritis is an ongoing, chronic condition that cannot be cured. However, the symptoms can be managed to reduce the condition’s impact on the patient’s quality of life.


Strategies for Managing Arthritis

By introducing changes and practicing certain routines, seniors with arthritis can expect to minimize discomfort and alleviate some of the symptoms. This can include but is not limited to:

Making lifestyle changes – While some activities should be refrained from as they become difficult or even dangerous to perform, other routines just need to be slightly adapted. For example, seniors can use a stool in the kitchen when they want to cook but cannot stand on their feet for too long due to arthritis pain. Moreover, seniors with arthritis are often advised to use the non-affected parts of the body more often.


Changing position often – Some types of arthritis make it excruciatingly painful to sit or work in one position for too long. This can also cause the condition to worsen. To avoid this, moving, walking, and stretching every 15 or so minutes can be both soothing and beneficial. Some even opt for setting the alarm to sound every 15-20 min.


Weight – As excess weight can cause more strain on the joints, losing or maintaining a healthy weight is highly recommended.


How Comfort Keepers Can Help

A carefully developed care plan can help mitigate the impact of the condition on your loved one’s quality of life. At Comfort Keepers, we can provide expert care based on your loved one’s medical condition, routines, and preferences. Our dedicated caregiver can provide a wide range of services aimed at boosting your Mom or Dad’s quality of life and help them remain independent despite their condition. We can help with housekeeping, meal preparation, medication reminders, transportation to appointments and therapies, and more.


Learn more about how what we can do for your family by getting in touch with Comfort Keepers of Victoria, BC, today. We are happy to help!

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