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Why Senior Care Is a Preferred Alternative to Assisted Living Care in Victoria, BC

Uncategorized  |  March 15, 2021

When a loved one ages and is no longer able to take good care of themselves, families need to choose the best care solution. Many families opt for nursing homes, which used to be the most popular care option for most older adults. But nowadays, there are many other care solutions that may be a better fit for your loved one, and one of them is senior in-home care.

Some of the reasons why in-home senior care is a far better alternative to in-facility care include:

One-on-one treatment – By scheduling in-home care, you enable your loved one to receive one-on-one attention. Unlike in some understaffed or overcrowded nursing homes, your loved one will not have to wait for their turn to receive assistance – their wellbeing will be the sole focus of a trained in-home professional.

Maximum comfort – There is simply no adequate replacement for a cozy, beloved home. It is where our parents have spent decades living comfortably and it is where they want to stay as long as they can. No fancy facility can ever be a worthy substitute.

Aging in place prolongs longevity – Studies have proven many times over seniors who are able to age independently at home tend to lead better lives and live longer than their assisted living counterparts.

In-home care promotes the healing process – Studies have also shown that seniors often recuperate and heal faster in a home setting, thus significantly reducing the risk of medical complications or hospital readmission.

Customized care – Most senior care agencies in and around Victoria, BC, will offer customized services based on your loved one’s specific needs and lifestyle. On the other hand, most nursing homes typically opt for the generic one-size-fits-all approach to caregiving. The benefits of the first care model over the latter are pretty much self-explanatory.

Affordability – As it often happens, nursing homes can be a rather costly option that can significantly deplete the family budget. That is because nursing homes provide live-in and rehab areas and may also have special equipment that is used for elderly care, so you end up paying for all the amenities that your loved one does not actually need. With in-home care, you only pay for the services you personally approve of.

Maintaining preferred routines – With the help of a trained in-home caregiver, your mom or dad can enjoy the freedom and independence they are so proud of. They can set all the rules and engage in favorite activities and pastimes as they please. However, in nursing homes, this may not be possible as many facilities have restrictive policies and allow visits and certain activities only during specific times in the day.

Home-cooked meals – An in-home senior care provider will prepare healthy meals for your loved one, while also taking into account what they like and do not like. In a nursing home, meals are prepared for lots of seniors, and your loved one may not always enjoy the meals that are served.

At Comfort Keepers of Victoria, our locally owned and operated senior care agency is dedicated to helping seniors age in place in their golden years. We can provide a wide range of personalized care services for your loved one, create a plan and schedule of care that fits your family’s needs, schedule, and budget, and match your loved one with a highly trained and compatible caregiver. Call us today to learn more and book your free care consultation!


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