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Comfort Keepers provides award-winning in-home care for seniors and other adults in need of assistance with daily activities. Our highly trained and dedicated caregivers can help your loved one stay in their home for as long as safely possible—a dream come true for many elders.

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Uplifting In-Home Care Services for Seniors & Other Adults Right Where You Need It. Comfort Keepers Victoria, BC provides in home care services and senior care in the following cities in Victoria: Victoria

Senior Mind

Here is How Seniors Can Keep Their Minds Strong

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There is no doubt about it: Each one of us will age. If we are lucky, we will make it to our Golden Years. With the recent advancements in technology, more and more individuals are making it well into advanced age, and that comes with a certain set of consequences. In the later stages of our lives, just as our bodies are not what they used to be, our minds are not either. Our bodies age and so does our mind. The good news, however, is that there is plenty that older adults can do to continue staying sharp. Here at Comfort Keepers, we have helped thousands upon thousands of seniors in Victoria, BC, and across the country do just that. Let’s take a look at some things we have learned along the way.

Staying Active

  • It is no secret that physical activity can have an incredible impact on our bodies. However, we seldom talk about the fact that it has an effect on our minds, as well. Recent research has come up with incredible findings in this regard. One of those is the fact that there is evidence that physical activity can help individuals avoid dementia. This is incredible news and who knows what future research will show.

Mental Exercises

  • Physical exercise works out our muscles, and mental exercises help keep our minds strong. With a Comfort Keepers caregiver, your loved one can learn to do new things like using a computer or creating things with their hands as part of a crafts project. Doing so can help them work out their mind, making sure they are staying as healthy as possible in all ways.


  • Loneliness absolutely plagues the senior community. But, did you know that loneliness can actually negatively impact an individual’s mental health and agility? It’s true. The fact is that humans are social animals and we need to be in contact with other people. Without this, we can suffer dire consequences like long-term memory loss.

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The good news is that with Comfort Keepers, your loved one will never be lonely again. As part of our program, we offer companionship care, as part of which our caregivers will spend time with your parent, talking with them about anything they would like. They will also take them anywhere they would like to go, making it easier for them to stay in touch with friends and family.

If you would like to talk to a care coordinator about how our senior care can help your loved one you can contact us online or call us today!

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