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What Seniors and Their Families Are Saying About Comfort Keepers®

More and more seniors today want to continue living in the comfort of their own home as they age. Many have had this desire fulfilled beyond their expectations with the exceptional, compassionate in-home caregiving services of Comfort Keepers. Following are just a few examples of the comments we receive every day from satisfied seniors and their families.

“…It Doesn’t Matter Who Comes, They are all nice…”

We can’t tell you enough how much help your office was to my family. For the year or so when Mom was still at home, and for driving Miss “Doreen” to Eldercare each week, and then while Mom was in the Villa over the past 3 years. All of your caregivers are so personable, caring and nice people to be with. Mom was always happy for a visit from anyone you sent. She would always say, “it doesn’t matter who comes, they are all nice”. I know you do not normally provide overnight care, and we so appreciated you helping us out after Mom go out of the hospital. We were all exhausted, and again, it really helped us out for a few days.

Jeannie, Diane and I always recommend your service to others and will continue to do so. Thank you so much for your help and services over the past years. We were so lucky to find you.

Comfort Keepers Client

“…Very Helpful, Informative and Supportive…”

In December, I slipped and fell on ice and had knee surgery the next day. When I returned home on December 15, I had no food in the apartment and could not leave to get food or provisions. I also felt lost and alone.

Shabina provided the information to get help from the health nurse, to change the dressing on my knee. As well, with the help of Shabina and Shem, I was able to get groceries, medicine and to doctors appointments. Both were very informative, helpful and supportive when I needed help, guidance and friendship.

When I called the office to make appointments, or to pay my bills, I was always talking to a real person that I felt was always smiling and supportive.

From my experiences, I can definitely recommend Comfort Keepers for their informative, helpful and caring support during challenging times.

Comfort Keepers Client

“…Highly Recommend…”

I chose Comfort Keepers after researching the different care-taking services available in my area. I used the Comfort Keepers service for 2 years to look after my wife, who was late stage Alzheimer’s, and was very satisfied with the service I was provided. I fount the caretakers to be competent, clean, efficient and friendly. They were always on time and ready to start the day. If, for some reason, I needed them to stay a little later, they were more than willing to accommodate my needs. I would highly recommend Comfort Keepers to anyone looking to get care for themselves or for a loved one.

Comfort Keepers Client

 “…Willingness to Help…”

Hi Tammy,

On behalf of our family, I wish to thank you and your staff for your willingness to help us out in our time of need with our Mother.

As her Alzheimer’s has progressed, we found the need for daily care for our Mother when we could not be there for her. You and your staff, in particular caregivers Wendy and Rebecca, came to our rescue when our situation turned dire. Your ability to help us promptly, efficiently and most importantly with kindness and respect that was bestowed towards our Mother was so appreciated. We truly felt your caregivers were a godsend to us.

Our Mother has now been placed in a safe and secure facility that is appropriate for her and her illness. However, we may look to you again for future care once she is settled. Your scope of care and willingness to continue to help us also brings us comfort.

Thank you all for helping us when we needed you most!


The FAMILY of a Comfort Keepers Client

“…Talk About a Personal Connection…”

I am writing to express our appreciation for the first-rate service and care you have provided our mother, Cora, over the last 4 years. Widowed and infirm at 87, her goal was to live in her own home in Edmonton for as long as possible. As we live in Calgary, we were challenged with putting together a care team for Cora we could trust and afford from a distance. While we ultimately hired a live in caregiver, Comfort Keepers was integral in providing cover off for vacations, holidays and respite – often at very short notice. Your administrative team was always personable, efficient and quick to respond to our calls, which were often after hours. They expressed true concern for Cora’s well being, going out of their way to match caregivers to her specific needs and following up to ensure they were successful. Your caregivers were always prompt and attentive, and we were never disappointed with the care provided. Even when Cora transitioned to assisted living, Comfort Keepers reached out to wish her well. Talk about a personal connection!

 Thanks again for being a trusted part of our care team. I would highly recommend Comfort Keepers to anyone looking for personal, reliable, quality care for their parents.

Comfort Keepers Client

“…Would Highly Recommend Them…”

My active 88-year-old mom began to lose her memory and be unable to cook for herself.  I did some research and selected Comfort Keepers to provide cooking services.  They came over for an interview with myself and my mother and…we selected them.  The person they provided for us was excellent.  She cooked good meals and worked with both my mom and I to provide grocery lists.  I would highly recommend them to others in similar circumstances.

Comfort Keepers Client

“…Kudos from a Grateful Family…”

This has been a very trying couple of weeks, but it would have been much more daunting and tiring if not for you and your super workers.  Pretty sure I can speak for the family and my mother in-law to say that we will keep your company front and centre, should we again need someone to stay with my mother in law.  She really liked all the girls you sent and got along really well with them.  You and your company are to be congratulated on your training.

Anonymous Family
Comfort Keepers Client

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