How Comfort Keepers Edmonton, AB Can Help During COVID-19

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How Comfort Keepers Edmonton, AB Can Help During COVID-19

Comfort Keepers Edmonton, AB Can Help During COVID-19: During the COVID-19 outbreak when seniors are at higher risk for severe illness, staying at home and being socially distanced is highly recommended. Keeping your aging loved one strong and healthy has never been more important. You can count on Comfort Keepers Edmonton, AB in this time of need. We are here to help you ensure your parent’s well-being and keep them safe, reassured and active.

Nowadays, staying at home and not going outside is one of the best things your loved one can do. Our caregivers can make sure that they have everything they need by running their errands, picking up their prescriptions and bringing them fresh groceries. With Comfort Keepers, your loved one can remain safely at home while we do all the work for them.

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What Comfort Keepers Can Do for You:

We can also help your parents with online orders of supplies, meals, and other essentials. Our caregivers can keep your loved one’s home clean by making sure that all the surfaces are disinfected. They can also prepare nutritious meals for your parents.

Isolation and social distancing, although recommended at the moment, can take a toll on your parent’s mental and emotional well-being. To help them fight depression and loneliness, our caregivers will keep your loved one company and help them remain active, optimistic and joyful.

We understand that your loved one’s well-being is one of your main priorities and that you want to keep them safe and sound. With home care delivered by Comfort Keepers, you will stay informed about your parent’s condition every step of the way. Whenever you want to check on your loved one, feel free to contact us. We are here to address any questions and concerns you may have.

Some of our offices provide digital services such as virtual check-ins to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients. Apart from regular home visits we also provide check-in phone calls.

Interactive Caregiving

We are known for our unique Interactive Caregiving approach and we will continue to practice it whenever possible and safe. At Comfort Keepers, we prefer to do things with our clients, not for them. Keeping them engaged in their care can provide a sense of normalcy which is especially important in this time of need.

Even in this time of crisis, you can count on Comfort Keepers and our exceptional home care services. Please contact the Comfort Keepers Edmonton, AB office for a free consultation.


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