Maintaining Good Senior Health Through Good Eating in Edmonton

Elderly man drinking homemade juice as part of his healthy diet in Edmonton, AB

How diet makes a difference, and how home care can help

Most of us know that what we eat has an impact on our body—we know we should eat more fruits and vegetables, and try to reduce fat and sugar. For seniors, maintaining a healthy diet is even more important to maintaining good health. A poor diet can impact weight issues, immunity or ability to fight off a disease, and problems with muscles, joints, and bones.


Many seniors are balancing health diagnoses alongside life-long food habits. While change isn’t easy, eating good foods that make sense for your body and your health can make you feel better every day. Your in-home care provider can work with you and your doctor to understand foods you should stay away from, possible ways your medicines could interact with your food choices, and the best way for you to maintain balanced nutrition.


Home care providers can also help to create a daily routine that incorporates healthy habits like regular meals, preparing fresh foods, medication reminders, and drinking enough water. These daily habits can improve your health every day, and also help you maintain better health in the long run. Skipping a meal or binge dieting can be just as bad for you as a very poor nutritional diet. Enjoying regular, balanced meals is a key part to good health every day.


For many seniors, cost becomes a factor in daily expenses, including food. The National Institute on Aging has put together a handy guide for shopping efficiently for healthy foods. Your in-home care provider can assist your with grocery shopping and meal preparation, including finding recipes that use local produce when it’s in season, so you can eat fresh, local, and healthy.


If you’re struggling with a nutritious diet, or you’re worried about an aging loved one having access to fresh, diverse foods, call Comfort Keepers Edmonton today. We’ve helped hundreds of families just like yours maintain good health for longer.


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