Managing Urinary Incontinence in Seniors in Edmonton, AB

Senior who has urinary incontinence in Edmonton, AB

Urinary incontinence affects most seniors and can significantly lower one’s quality of life.  Older adults who struggle with this condition can suffer from low self-esteem and avoid maintaining their social connections. Therefore, managing incontinence is necessary for a happy and active life of a senior. Luckily, incontinence is treatable and doctors can make recommendations based on the type of incontinence they diagnose.

Why Does Incontinence Happen?

When we urinate, muscles in the bladder tighten to move urine into the urethra, while the muscles around the urethra relax so the urine can pass out of the body. Incontinence is usually caused by problems with these muscles. In other words, when these muscles don’t work properly, urine can leak. Sometimes, conditions such as urinary tract infection or constipation can lead to incontinence. Also, it can occur as a side effect of some medication.

How is Incontinence Diagnosed and Treated?

If your loved one is experiencing this problem, they should visit their health provider and get blood tests to check on kidney function, calcium and glucose levels. A physician can also perform a complete physical exam and check your parent’s medical history in order to rule out other diseases and diagnose urinary incontinence.  As a part of treatment, your aging senior can receive medicine that calms muscles and nerves. A doctor can also prescribe regular exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles. If nothing works, surgery may be suggested.

How Can Incontinence be Managed at Home?

With some lifestyle changes, seniors can manage incontinence and improve their quality of life. If your loved one has been diagnosed with urinary incontinence they could try pelvic muscle exercises that work the muscles that can stop urination. In addition, your parent could try going to the restroom on a schedule. Seniors who suffer from incontinence should also avoid food and drinks that irritate the bladder as well as lower the intake of alcohol and caffeine. Habits such as smoking can make incontinence worse.

Comfort Keepers Can Help

At Comfort Keepers, we offer personalized care plans in order to address specific health issues of our clients. If your parent struggles with urinary incontinence, we can help. Our compassionate and skilled caregivers can provide transportation to appointments, prepare meals according to doctor’s orders, provide medication reminders, encourage your loved one to maintain a prescribed exercise routine, and monitor physical changes and symptoms. With our compassionate and joyful care, your loved one will be able to lead a full life.

If you want to learn more about our in-home care services and ways we can help your parent with managing incontinence, contact our office in Edmonton, AB today.

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