Medication Safety with Your Senior Loved One in Edmonton, AB

Seniors taking their prescribed medication in Edmonton, AB

Safety in medication management is critical for older adults who want to continue living independently. Older loved ones may depend on their medication to maintain their good health and it’s essential that they take the correct dosage at the proper time. Incorrectly taking medications may be harmful, or even lethal. So, what can you do to help a loved one?


Take the following steps:

  1. Construct and maintain a list of all the medications your loved one is taking. Update it regularly and note the reasons for, or symptoms required, before taking each medication. If you’re not sure of its importance, make a call to their prescribing doctor.

  2. Know the purpose of each prescribed or over the counter medication and how it can be expected to treat or manage symptoms. Write down the possible side effects, too. Note any symptoms that had previously been observed prior to the prescription, and any side effects that occurred in the past. When symptoms improve or there are side effects, the treatment plan may need to be re-evaluated.

  3. Keep on the watch for any signs that your aging loved one is becoming overmedicated, especially if he or she has diabetes or high blood pressure. Unfortunately, it’s all too common that older adults receive higher doses than necessary. Don’t hesitate to call for immediate medical help if there’s concern that someone has overdosed their medication.

  4. Watch for any drug interactions, since so many elderly people are taking multiple prescription medications. You can search online for free drug interaction checkers or call the doctor or pharmacist for advice if you’re not sure about the drug safety.


Comfort Keepers® can relieve your medication safety concerns with caregiver services. Our caregivers won’t administer the medication but can offer your loved ones reminders of their correct dosages and times to take them, as well.


We can bring peace of mind to families. Maybe someone you know and love could benefit from the assistance of a caring professional? Contact us today for more information on how we can help.


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