Reduce Risk of Seniors Falling and Solutions for Recovery in Edmonton

Elderly woman who has fallen on the ground in her home.

Many seniors take a fall without getting injured, but as many as one out of five will be seriously hurt. Less than half may tell their doctor. Those who have fallen once often become fearful of falling again. This can begin a downward spiral as the fear of falling induces less activity. When a person becomes less active, he or she can become weaker, thus increasing the odds of another fall.


According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falling is a common problem for the elderly, and their injuries can make it hard to get around, do everyday activities, or live independently. Annually, millions of older persons receive care in emergency rooms for injuries after a fall. Medical costs of seniors falling continue to skyrocket as the population gets older.


Here are some surprising facts on falling:

  • Falls often lead to broken bones of the wrist, arm, ankle or hips

  • Head injuries can be worsened by certain medications, like blood thinners.

  • Injuries from falling manifest longer hospital stays than other medical admissions.

  • One out of 10 adults over 85 years will fracture a hip in a fall.

  • Risk factors for falling can be reduced.


The best answer is to reduce risk factors that lead to falls. Falls often happen as a result of lower body weakness, vision problems, ill-fitting shoes, Vitamin D deficiency, medicines like sedatives or other medications that affect balance, household clutter, items left on steps, and pets or their feeding dishes or toys. The more risk factors at home, the higher the chance of taking a fall.


Caregivers can help older adults stay safer by reducing the number of risk factors in the home environment. Comfort Keepers® caregivers can evaluate your loved one’s home environment and make recommendations to lessen the likelihood of a fall. Comfort Keepers® can make suggestions for safety, such as eliminating throw rugs, repairing flooring, and using better lighting. If an adult has suffered an injury, a professional caregiver can aid in recovery. Caregivers can help someone recover and improve the odds of independent living again. Comfort Keepers® can also transport older adults to their medical appointments.


If your senior loved one could use some help at home contact us today and ask about our home care services in Edmonton. Our caregivers are available anytime to lend a helping hand, and help seniors navigate their home safely.

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