Six Ways to Help Seniors Prevent Dehydration in Edmonton, AB

Elderly woman staying hydrated in Edmonton, AB

Drinking plenty of water during the day and staying hydrated is important for maintaining good health and keeping crucial bodily functions working properly. However, due to age-related difficulties, some seniors find this challenging. Some older adults are unable to sense thirst and do not notice changes in body temperature, while others take medication that has a dehydrating side effect.

Staying properly hydrated is extremely important for so many reasons. Seniors who are dehydrated can experience headaches, elevated heart rate, muscle weakness, and fatigue. Because of all these negative effects, older adults need to drink enough water during the day. Those seniors who are worried that dehydration is causing them to experience these negative effects should consult their health provider before making any changes to their fluid intake.

Seniors who want to stay properly hydrated throughout the day should follow these useful tips:

  1. Consulting the doctor – A physician can recommend how much water someone needs and offer tips on managing water intake.
  2. Create a schedule – Seniors can rarely drink a lot of water in one sitting. However, older adults can create a schedule based on their preferences, daily activities, and doctor’s instructions and keep hydration on track.
  3. Eat water-rich foods – Some fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, watermelon and apples are water-rich foods that can help seniors get more fluids.
  4. Make water more interesting – Some seniors simply don’t enjoy drinking water which is why they don’t drink enough of it during the day. However, there are some ways drinking water can become more interesting. Adding a couple of drops of flavoring to water or making popsicles can make fluid intake less boring.
  5. Reduce water loss – Seniors who sweat a lot can often experience dehydration, which is why keeping inside temperatures at a reasonable level and drinking plenty of water during outside activities is very important.
  6. Don’t wait for thirst – Seniors should drink water even when they do not feel thirsty. A lot of older adults are already dehydrated when they experience thirst.

Comfort Keepers Can Help

If you are worried that your loved one is not drinking enough water during the day and is often dehydrated, Comfort Keepers can help. Our caregivers can drive your parent to healthcare appointments, help with meal preparation and provide support for prescribed hydration regimens.

In order to learn more about our in-home care services, contact our office in Edmonton, AB today.

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