Vision Impairment of Seniors and How In Home Care Can Help in Edmonton, AB

Senior getting his eyes checked by and eye doctor in Edmonton, AB

Vision loss is a major contributor to adult loss of independence and can be devastating to older persons. Luckily, there are options for seniors with this disability, through in home care and other medical services.


Vision Loss of Seniors

Aging adults who suffer from vision loss might also have problems with daily activities that many of us take for granted, such as reading, meal preparation, or even using the phone. Common behaviors can become difficult, or even impossible, and that’s frightening when you realize that the odds of vision loss increase as we all age. Still, this impairment isn’t a “normal” part of aging, and the negative effect on older men and women shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s a traumatic health problem for many.


We have enough research to know that older adults who lose vision eventually suffer challenges with their regular daily activities. As an example, they may have to give up driving well before their friends will be considering it. They may struggle with errands or shopping for themselves, managing finances and doing housework. Sadly, people with impaired vision are likely to go outdoors less, take fewer walks, and because of this, are more likely to fall and break a hip when they do.


Unfortunately, seniors with impaired vision also acquire more chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, in addition to their vision challenges. This is considered most likely from poor diet, and because low-vision seniors just aren’t as active as others with normal eyesight. Inactivity is known to lead to chronic illness.


These limitations and correlating chronic disease tend to manifest greater levels of depression and anxiety than in other seniors. Next, a visually-impaired senior gets into a vicious cycle, where depression worsens their physical state, and their worsening state increases their depression. This spirals down to isolation because they refuse to participate in the social activities that were once enjoyed. In fact, high levels of depression and anxiety may end up limiting seniors from their everyday activities, even more than the visual problems they have!


There’s good news… Professional therapies have been created to help visually-impaired seniors. Doctors can prescribe rehab to teach coping skills for better managing the vision loss. This way, seniors can remain active with their families and communities.


When a low-vision adult accepts assistance from family, friends, and supportive caregivers, with meal preparation and transportation to appointments or social events, their isolation becomes a lesser problem and a sense of normalcy resumes to their daily lives.


How We Can Help

If your elderly loved one is experiencing vision loss and could benefit from the help of our in home care services, contact us today! We are available 24/7 to help your loved one and can provide care that is specific to their needs.

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