Wellness Check

A Wellness Check in the Comfort of Your Home

What is a Wellness Check?

A Wellness Check is a non-invasive assessment that can cover many aspects of your health. Most importantly, it can help to identify changes in your wellbeing from one check-up to the next. Early detection of changes in your health can lead to a faster diagnosis and treatment. If you have ongoing medical conditions, we can monitor and report results directly to you, your Family Doctor, Specialist, or Nurse Practitioner.

Clients can choose to be assessed for any, all, or some of the health indicators below:

Cardiovascular – Blood pressure, heart rate and pulse. Respiratory – Respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, lung sounds. Gastrointestinal – Regularity of system. Genitourinary – Urinary health. Musculoskeletal – Muscle tone, lumps, tremors, strength, bone abnormalities. General Appearance and Mental Status – Posture, gait, mood, behaviours, speech, organization of thoughts, level of consciousness, motor responses, pupil reaction. Physical Signs – Skin colour, swelling, moisture level, moles/lesions, temperature, turgor.

To Arrange A Comfort Keepers Wellness Check:

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Email Us – debbie.bell@comfortkeeperswpg.ca

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