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Comfort Keepers Home Care has been providing help for seniors across the country through our unique brand of at home elder care.

Comfort Keepers Home Care has been working with seniors and helping them stay independent for two decades now. Over the years, our extensive at home elder care experience has expanded our knowledge and we were able to develop our unique approach to care called Interactive Caregiving.

We developed Interactive Caregiving to provide the best help for seniors that we can. Interactive Caregiving centers on helping seniors stay as active and engaged as possible because our extensive at home elder care experience has made it evident to us that this helps significantly improve senior’s quality of life.

Our Interactive Caregiving approach is based on four basic pillars. They cover the following:

  • Physical exercise: Staying active is important for both the body and the mind. No matter how able your loved one is, they can still stay active and our caregivers can help them do that.
  • Mental activity: Making sure your loved one is being challenged and staying engaged mentally is an essential part of at home elder care. Our Comfort Keepers – this is what we call our caregivers – will work with your loved one to find out what they like and what it is that will help them think and stay active mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Eating well: Nutrition is incredibly important and help for seniors should always begin with making sure they are eating well and in line with any potential dietary restrictions they may have.
  • Staying safe: What makes our Interactive Caregiving approach holistic is that we look at all aspects of what it means to live well as a senior. Making sure your loved one stays out of the hospital is of critical importance and will significantly improve your loved one’s quality of life.

To find out more about at home elder care and Interactive Caregiving, please give us a call. Our representatives can answer any questions you may have about how Comfort Keepers Home Care can help your loved one.

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