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Comfort Keepers: Hospital Discharge Support Program

Comfort Keepers Home Care Can Help Your Loved One Transition Home From The Hospital.

Most seniors at one point or another experience a major medical event or spend some time in the hospital fighting a serious illness or condition. Comfort Keepers Home Care has been helping seniors across the country transition back home from the hospital or rehabilitation facility for two decades with our senior care services.

Our care services will make transitioning back home smoother for your loved one because we can jump in and be their right hand, taking care of things they are not yet able to do on their own. This can lead to a significantly better, more comfortable recovery.

Some post-hospital care requires training and experience that the average person simply does not have.  However, home care for seniors can do just that. Our trained caregivers will be there for your loved one to make sure they are following doctor’s orders and staying safe. This will not only take a huge load off of their back, it will give you peace of mind.

Our Care Services can help your loved one with the following to help them transition successfully:

  • Pre-discharge hospital consultation with a Care Planner
  • Understanding your hospital discharge recommendations
  • Transportation from hospital to home
  • Setting you up at home: grocery shop, errands, meal preparation, equipment
  • Medication pick-up
  • Nursing visits
  • Personal care and assistance
  • Medication review
  • Care Manager communication between the hospital, specialists, pharmacy, family physician and family members.
  • Ongoing personalized support and care


Serving as a liaison between your loved one’s medical team and you.

To find out more about how home care for seniors can help your loved one transition back home successfully, please give us a call. Our experienced representatives will be able to give you more detailed information about how we can help our with your loved one’s particular needs.

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