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Starting "The Conversation" About At Home Elderly Care and Picking an Elder Care Agency

Aging happens. There is no getting around it. Comfort Keepers Georgian Triangle can help!

Having a conversation about home elderly care options with your parent can be uncomfortable, so our elder care agency in Georgian Triangle, ON, offers some suggestions to make it a more pleasant experience. This is a discussion that is inevitable if you want to ensure your loved one’s well being in the future. When it comes to this conversation, it’s always best to plan ahead and be prepared as much as possible. Think about these factors when you are preparing for the talk.



It’s important to have this talk when your parent is still physically and mentally healthy. This way they can share their opinion, their hopes and fears about their future care. If you include your parent in the decision making, they will know their wishes have been respected and that they still have a control over their life. It is never too early to have this conversation. Choose a location where your parent feels comfortable and safe. Their home is always a good option.

Including others

Include family members which are important to your parent in the conversation. Before having the talk, have a meeting with them and develop a strategy. One person should be the leader, and they should possess all the information about home elderly care which may interest your loved one. Be sure you are all on the same page before approaching your parent. Having a discussion in front of them could make this situation more intense than it should be. Make sure your parent knows you love them and that you are concerned for their well-being. Include them in the decision-making and picking an elder care agency by asking them to write down their plans so you can follow them when the time comes.


Maintain a good eye contact with your loved one and sit close to them, but not so close you are invading their personal space. If you don’t know how to start the conversation, using someone else’s situation is always a good ice breaker. Don’t ask a question which your parent can answer with “yes” and “no”.  Be sure to ask open-ended questions that encourage your parent to share feelings. Offer more than one acceptable solution to their problem and ask them which choice they prefer. This way they will keep their independence.


This can be the most unpleasant part of the conversation, but it is necessary. Find out where your loved one keeps important documents such as insurance policies, wills, trust documents, living wills and durable powers of attorney. Be sure that your parent knows you are asking them this so you can be prepared to help them when needed.

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