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Diabetes: Tips On Prevention And Management in Victoria, BC

Uncategorized  |  October 15, 2019

Diabetes is a chronic condition characterized by an impaired ability to properly process glucose, causing a number of health complications. Without proper treatment, it can make other conditions much worse – affecting the heart, kidneys, and vision.

However, with certain lifestyle changes, diabetes can be managed efficiently. If your Mom or Dad has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, we suggest you consider the following strategies:

Education – It is very important for both diabetic seniors and their caregivers to learn everything they can about treating diabetes. Understanding the condition and treatment options can go a long way in maintaining one’s quality of life. Depending on the physician’s recommendation, diet, exercise, and medication changes may be introduced.

Diet – When it comes to proper diabetes management, adequate nutrition plays a critical role. A well-balanced diet, low in sugar and saturated fats, helps alleviate symptoms and prevents complications caused by the condition.

Exercise and activity – A light exercise regimen can be helpful in managing diabetes. However, aging adults might want to consult with their physician before opting for a particular senior-friendly exercise regimen.

Prescribed medication is critical – Missing an insulin injection or prescribed medication can have negative effects and cause serious consequences for those with diabetes. Seniors who are prone to medication mistakes can develop some sort of system as a way to stay organized. They can use medication management tools like a pillbox, an alarm or a checklist displayed at a visible place. Alternatively, a family caregiver can provide useful medication reminders. Additional vaccination is also something you may want to consider. Some illnesses such as the flu can be much more severe for those with diabetes and this is easily prevented with a single injection.

Checking glucose and cholesterol levels – Individuals with diabetes need to monitor their glucose levels. A doctor can provide all the necessary instructions on how to do it and what to look for. In addition, cholesterol levels and blood pressure also need to be watched on a regular basis.

How Comfort Keepers Can Help

At Comfort Keepers of Victoria, we can help seniors with diabetes to manage their condition better and continue living independently at home. Our dedicated caregivers assist with medication reminders, transportation to appointments, and numerous activities of daily living. They are also trained to support physician-prescribed diets, exercise regimens, and more.

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