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Why Eating Together is the Healthier Option for Seniors in Victoria, BC

Uncategorized  |  June 14, 2018

It’s a sad fact that seniors sometimes suffer from malnutrition simply because they don’t want to eat alone or make a meal just for one person. Older adults say they are more likely to suffer lonely feelings during mealtimes when they have nobody to eat with or talk with during meals. Make sure your aging loved doesn’t have to eat alone regularly and he or she will probably make better food choices and keep better nourished.

Eating Socially Can Help with Better Choices

People most often make healthier food choices when they eat with other people. Unfortunately, when older adults eat their meals alone, the situation often creates a sadness and sense of loss, which sometimes leads towards malnutrition. Imagine how difficult it must be to eat alone if someone previously had many years of companionship during meals with someone who is now deceased.

Benefits from Social Eating

As humans, it is best for us to eat in social groups, even if sharing a meal with just one person. There are noticeable increases in physical and mental health when people eat in social environments. Some of the many benefits for loved ones include:

  • Choosing wisely with food selections when not eating alone. We’re all considerably more likely to select home cooked meals rather than ready-made meals when we eat with one or more persons.

  • Decreasing the risk or signs of depression by eating with others. Meal times are reportedly the most depressing part of an older person’s day when they eat alone.

  • Enjoying lively conversation while eating with at least one other person will likely lessen feelings of loneliness and is better for optimal brain health.

  • Social dining decreases the risk of unwanted weight loss or even malnutrition. Older adults are likely to indulge a little more with others at the table with them. On the other hand, seniors might skip a meal altogether if they can’t look forward to enjoying a meal with another person.

Don’t Eat Alone

Don’t stress about your loved family member or friend who often eats alone when you’re not there. Just call us at Comfort Keepers® to help. In-home caregivers can provide your parent, aging family member, or elderly friend with meal companionship, and the caregiver can also help with preparation of nutritious foods that they enjoy.

If your loved one tends to eat meals alone or has been skipping meals in order to avoid eating alone, please let us help by contacting your local Comfort Keepers® today.

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