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Holiday Guide and Tips for Aging Adults with Diabetes

Uncategorized  |  November 16, 2017

Aging adults around the world are living with diabetes. The effort and consistency they put forth to maintain healthy blood sugar levels is substantial. Daily diet and activities make it possible for most diabetics to lead a healthy life without incident. One of the most difficult times for seniors to maintain their practices is during the holiday season. This is the time of year when seasonal foods such as holiday pies, cakes and punches are served. Saying no to these foods or limiting intake can be challenging. However, long term care habits and self-control are essential for diabetics. It is possible for your senior loved one to enjoy the holidays, while maintaining a regimen that accommodates their medical needs.

Here are a few tips to help seniors with diabetes enjoy the holidays:

  • Plan Ahead – family members of seniors with diabetes should plan ahead to ensure that their aging loved one is prepared to have what they need during the holidays. Implement a plan to make sure medication is being taken as prescribed and that all prescriptions are filled on time. Holiday time can be busy and often, some of the important things are forgotten or put off to later. Life with diabetes does not allow the essentials to be forgotten.

  • Meal Prep – holiday dinners are generally planned in advance. During the planning process, remember to consider the dietary restrictions of your aging loved one with diabetes. Make substitutions where possible to make dishes they can enjoy. There are several alternative recipe ideas available online or in cookbooks.

  • Caregiver Service – family and friends are all busy during the holidays. Seniors can become lonely or feel left out because they can’t or don’t get out and about like they once did. Consider the services of a caregiver to accommodate the needs of your aging loved one. This is especially helpful for seniors with medical conditions. Part-time or long term care givers make it possible for family members to travel or attend holiday gatherings at school, work or with friends.

Holidays are an exciting time for almost everyone. It is more enjoyable when everyone is healthy and happy for the duration and long after. Seniors living with diabetes must exercise extra precaution during the holidays. Eat appropriately, exercise consistently and take medications as prescribed, and this holiday should be equally enjoyable as all the rest.

If your loved one with diabetes needs help managing their diet, and can use a hand at home by one of our caregivers, contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our long term care experts.

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