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Maintaining a healthy diet in order to maintain good health

Uncategorized  |  April 12, 2019

Senior nutrition and how in-home care can help

Aging is a process that impacts physical, mental, emotional, and social health, and as we age, our needs may change over time. It’s important for seniors to be aware of how best to take care of their body, and their diet, in order to take good care of their health. In-home care providers can help seniors with finding healthy recipes, accessing fresh food, and preparing delicious meals regularly.


Seniors who have diagnosed or take medications may have additional considerations when planning their meals. Some conditions and medications may be impacted by certain foods, or cause side effects based on nutritional imbalance. Your in-home care provider can help you talk with your doctor to make sure you can create a healthy meal plan that incorporates your particular health needs. Your home care assistant can also help you research recipes, recipe substitutions, allergy concerns, and other aspects to good dietary care.


In general, seniors may struggle to receive adequate nutrition without assistance. Seniors on fixed income, seniors with mobility issues, and seniors without access to transportation may struggle especially with accessing fresh food and varied foods. A home care assistant can help provide transportation and other assistance to make sure you have access to the food supplies and other resources you might need.


For seniors, skipping a meal, drinking too little water, or trying a fad diet can have more consequences than it might have when you were younger. As we age, our bodies need stable, diverse food sources and a regular source of water in order to maintain good health. We might not be able to bounce back as quickly as we used to from poor health conditions or poor dietary choices.


If you’re a senior living alone, you may need assistance accessing fresh food regularly. If you’re concerned about an aging loved one or helping to care for a family member with reduced transportation or mobility access, in-home care can help. Call Comfort Keepers today to learn more about our companionship care, and how home care can improve your daily quality of life.


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