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Proper Portion for National Nutrition Month for Senior Care

Uncategorized  |  March 5, 2018

In honor of National Nutrition Month, our senior care professionals encourage seniors to ensure that they are eating the right portion sizes for their health. Today’s larger portion sizes mean extra calories and encourage seniors to eat more than they otherwise would.

Those who aren’t aware of proper portion control can underestimate the actual amount of calories they are bringing into their bodies. Try the following ideas to ensure you are keeping portions in check.

Share Meals to Save Calories

Restaurants are infamous for their service of large, oversized portions. Seniors who eat at restaurants regularly should try to split meals with family and friends or ask for half of their meals to be packed up right away to avoid overeating. Portion control can help a senior’s body to become fuller after eating less food at meals, so they can meet their weight loss goals and maintain a healthy weight.

Fill up on Nutritious Foods First

Ensure that most of your plate consists of vegetables, whole grains, fruits, lean proteins, and other fiber-filled foods. This means there will be less of a chance of overeating on sweets, unhealthy fats, and snack foods that have little to no nutrition value.

Drink Plenty of Water

Seniors and older adults who stay hydrated and drink plenty of water can feel fuller and can cut back on calories without feeling hungry. Seniors should attempt to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day.

Use Smaller Dishes at Meals

Seniors have likely been taught to clean their plates in order to avoid food waste, and larger plates can lead to overeating. Smaller plates can help give the appearance of a larger portion size and prevents adding too many calories to the plate.

Utilize Measuring Cups and Scales

Kitchen Scales and measuring cups can seniors and older adults stick to the correct portion size with their meals. After measuring out their food for a while, seniors will be more able to more accurately estimate proper portions later.

Avoid Skipping Meals or Going Too Long Between Meals and Snacks

Seniors who skip regular meals are more likely to feel hungry and eat junk food or eat portions that are far too large. Sticking to a regular meal schedule consisting of nutrition-filled meals, as well as having 2-3 healthy snacks throughout the day, is ideal. Whenever possible, older adults should refrain from going more than five hours without eating.

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